Top 6 Apps to Get the Best Vacation Deals


Taking a trip is always expensive, but you don’t want to pay more than you have to. Use the top 6 travel apps and get the best vacation deals instead. Spend the least amount of money, and you’ll have more fun on your trip to do all the things you want to do.

Plan Ahead with the Best Flight and Hotel Deals


The airline tickets and accommodations will probably take the biggest chunk out of your vacation budget. Save expenses on airfare by using money-saving apps to schedule your flights. Use apps to search for hotel deals, and you’ll find a great place to stay without breaking your entire budget.

  • FlightTrack: Use FlightTrack to see departure times, delays, gate numbers, alternate flights, even seat mapping. Upgrade to the Pro version to get more information from more airports and search for new connections. Offline features are available for use when you’re mid-air.
  • Tripit: Use TripIt to keep track of all your flight and hotel information. The app will store your travel itinerary and allow you to get access to it, even without an active WiFi connection. Tripit will keep members of your travel party in sync, too, so everyone knows where they’re supposed to go.
  • Jetsetter: Find accommodations with Jetsetter. It displays in portrait mode to show you wide, sweeping pictures of hotels. Use the calendar to search for special deals on hotel rooms, and find the best rates.

Get More Out of Your Trip with Vacation Apps

Once you’re in town and enjoying your vacation, you might start to feel a little lost. You’re no longer surrounded by the familiar, and you may not know where to go to eat, to see the sights and to get all the amenities you’re seeking. Use vacation apps to get more out of your trip, and spend less time trying to figure out where you are.

  • Wikitude: What’s around you? If you’re in a destination city, you could be surrounded by interesting history. You can’t afford to hire a tour guide to stay with you the entire time, so use Wikitude instead. Take a picture of what’s around you with the app, and it will tell you more about where you’re at.
  • Sketch-a-Search: You don’t even need words to use Sketch-a-Search. Draw on the map, and the app will show you nearby restaurants. Use the app to search for what you want to eat by type of food, location, price, and more.
  • TripAdvisor: Use TripAdvisor to find restaurants and other attractions. The app has more than 45 million reviews to help you find the perfect place to take a photo, grab a bite or spend some time. TripAdvisor will help you find local shopping, too. Search for Mazda Dealer Chapel Hill, for example, and the app will guide you to the right place.

Get the right apps, and plan your trip around great deals, good reviews and the best locations. Save more money, and you’ll have more cash for your next great trip.

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