Top 5 Ways To Undermine Your Website


This article looks at ways in which, through naivety or just plain stupidity, website owners and webmasters undermine the potential success of their sites.

SEO Focus

If the user experience on your site is garbage it is probably because of your SEO obsession. Yes, SEO is necessary, however it is completely pointless if a person cannot get around your site. Instead, you will be left scratching your head wondering why you have a lot of traffic but no sales.

What are the five ways websites are most commonly ruined?

Contact Details

Or more specifically, a lack of them. I never believed this actually happened until I stumbled across a site one day and couldn’t find an address, telephone number, or anything. Do all of the hard work to get traffic to your site, then don’t have your details on there – sounds like a great idea doesn’t it?

As well as a standard “Contact Us” page, try and get your contact details into the header or the footer of every page.

Fluff Marketing Content

Too many sites get lost in writing in jargon and techno-babble rather than keeping it simple for their customers. Writing all of these big words and techniques is great, but most visitors will not have a clue what that means to them, so if it isn’t written for them, why do it?

Showing off your knowledge and machismo through your website is never worthwhile.

Write for Search Engines

Thankfully search engines are starting to be a lot more “human orientated” these days, although some sites that are keyword heavy and set up just for search results still exist. A search engine is not going to put money in your pockets, but web browsers will when they become customers, so make sure that is where your content is targeted.

Bad Linking

There are two ways this problem can afflict websites. The first is a complete lack of links, or broken links, so that browsers have to fight to make their way from one page of your site to another. The other is too many links, where a browser will click link, after link, after link, without coming across any real call to action.

Consider your sites’ purpose when internally linking so you produce the best user experience for your site.

Too Little Content

This problem often comes about due to a reluctance to cram a site too full with text, which is understandable. However, having too little content, or content spread over a number of pages, will likely leave browsers finding your website too vague and not informative enough to fill them with any confidence.

Bough SEO is a professional full-service SEO marketing agency in the UK. With these tips, different sectors will realize the full potential of their websites.

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