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Top 10 Online Tools for Designers to Select The Right Color Scheming


Colors are vital part of our life. It basically identifies and specifies objects. Most of all, it brings enjoyment and stimulates us human beings. The choice of colors of a web design is as important as the whole site itself. It plays an important role in achieving traffic in making users visit the site. The color schemes chosen for a design for a web greatly affects our feelings, emotions and perceptions. The users’ feeling of security, comfort, relaxed and welcomed relies on the choice of color and color schemes one prefers to use. And since this is critical in making a web design, here’s a heap of help in choosing the correct color scheme:

Top 10 Online Tools for Designers to Select The Right Color Scheming

1.      ColorSchemeDesigner

This new online tool for color scheming has recently been updated into a lot more innovative version. It has now a brand new and a more accurate color-blind conversion algorithms, a widget that can easily be incorporated into a web page. What’s more? It also has a downloadable iPhone and Ipad applications and an accessible database of more color schemes that’s creted by its users. These new feature of ColorSchemeDesigner makes it one of the designer online tools that offers a cutting-edge service.

2.      COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers is another creative community wherein a lot of people globally are fond of using. It lets you explore and come up with a fabulous design for your articles.  You can choose your own colors, pick your own palette and you can find out the latest trends in web designs with color schemes.

3.      Kuler

One can create superb color palettes with Kuler. This is such one great tool cfor choosing or creating color palettes created by other users around the globe.  It has an easy-edit feature in order for you to have your own personal touch of your choice of palette. After which you can have them used in different Adobe apps such as in Illustrator.

Kuler has a section called “Pulse” that is able to track different color trends and shows them on a color wheel.

4.      Color Schemer

ColorSchemer offers users a professional choice of color schemes and palette making it ideal for making company web designs. With its wide array of dynamic color shown in the color wheel, one can easily harmonize everything in the site. And even if you don’t have an idea what to put in there yet, you can just let it choose the color that is ideal for you.

5.      Copaso

This advanced color palette software helps one to create and come up with an incredible color palette. It offers you rich and impactful colors that will perfectly enliven you web page. However, if you don’t like its richness a bit, don’t worry you can have your own color taste and use its basic color palette. It also allows you to save colors to a scratch pad and even extract colors from a photo and freely publish it online to let everyone on the globe see it.

6.      ColoRotate

This online tool for color scheme is very impressive for color editing especially for the Apple iPad. It works in just a short time with just a few taps of fingers. With its ease-of-use feature, one can easily adjust and extract color palettes. Aside from its cool looks and fun to use, it displays color palettes in 3D.

7.      Toucan

The best thing about this creative online tool for designers is that it offers packages and prices.  With Toucan, every website includes full access to its web tools including the hosting, domain and email packages through the use of site analytics.

8.      Color Munki

Color Munki gives unparalleled color scheme and palette making it perfect for creative web site making. It is greatly ideal for photo and design for excellent digital workflows. With Color Munki, one is able to manage, create, search and also verify color palettes. Therefore, it also allows you see the colors together with its monitor calibration device.

9.      ColorBlender

This software just lets you choose your own preferred color using the color picker on its web page. It includes a 6-color matching palette that is automatically blended and calculated. These Blends can be saved in order to be used in the future.

10.  Color Explorer

With ColorExplorer, one can easily create, manage and assess their color palettes that are to be used in their graphic designs, in web page designs, web layouts and a whole lot more. ColorExplorer is absolutely free to be used including all the feature s that is associated in its site. What’s more convenient is that you don’t have to register to access it if you don’t want to.

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