The Camera That Proves How The Old is Not Always Unfashionable


The Camera That Proves How The Old is Not Always Unfashionable

Old items are often considered to be outdated, or unfashionable. It is rare for people to opt for items or devices that still hold a bit of kitsch and vintage design. However, the Vixia HV30 from Canon is a typical example of how some forms of camera utilize the old and simply make it new and exciting.

Many camcorders today are moving away from the tape machine, fearing that the hard drive or integrated memory suffices for the storage and transfer of video clips, and that customers will turn away from their older machines for ease of use. Of course, the HV30 is unlikely to do this. The mini tape can record a high amount, and the device can also be used to play back the older DV tapes should you wish to convert them into other formats. It is popular with many of the consumers as a step up in the technological world without needing to move too far out of the comfort zone. Another advantage is that it is far less intrusive to spend hours archiving digital files from an SD card or the internal drive onto the computer or internet.

While the device does play in standard format, the main option is for the high definition viewing. With the machine being relatively small, and very light in terms of being carried around, the controls produce a decent menu system that is easily accessed no matter the situation. It is incredibly simple to make adjustments even while shooting, which gives the device a clear advantage over competitors on the market. Of course, there are machines that are both smaller and lighter, it can be said that the average size and weight allows for a simple device that can be utilized with just one hand, which is exceptionally useful where speed is of the essence.

The screen on this model is not touch screen like on some other widescreen LCD models, but the image quality is still reasonable, and the colors are incredibly clear and bright when you’re using the viewfinder. There is a flash for the video, but sadly this has proved ineffectual in terms of taking good shots in low lighting. However, there are positive sides, as the image stabilization is effective against the 10x zoom, making most outdoor shots look amazing. This is especially true with the detail on the pictures, as it has often been expected that the smaller machines produce lower quality images and grainy shots. With the HV30, the shots are accurate, sharp and full of color. Auto focusing is useful for allowing you to react quickly, and does not hold a lag when panning across the environment, even at a higher zoom level.

The model is attractive and sleek, and the only downfall is the real time conversion, meaning that it can take a long time to transfer the more lengthy videos. However, this should not detract from the device, for this old machine is indeed a good competitor on the market.

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