Three Online Marketing Strategies For Your Pest Control Company


These days, advertising your pest control company in the usual form, such as newspaper, radio, and TV ads, is no longer enough. The consumers of today want more convenience when it comes to looking for products and services, and the easiest and most convenient way of looking for what they want and need is online.

Because of this, most companies have now taken their businesses online. They have created their own websites or blogs to reach more potential clients, and through these means, they can interact more with their clients.

If you want the same thing for your pest control company, then here are some online marketing strategies worth employing.

White Hat SEO

If you want more people to drop by your site, then you have to see to it that your site is ranking well in the search engines. Why? Because clients will, more often than not, visit those sites that are in the front page or the top ten sites of a search engine, and the only way that you can get your site there is for your site to rank well.

Now, for you to do this, you need to employ basic white SEO techniques, one of which is the use of the right keywords. The keywords should be something that people are typing in the search engine to look for your services. Now, if you’re having difficulty choosing good keywords, then you should know that there are tools that can help you. Just see to it though that you make use of keywords relevant to your business. You have to be careful, too, that you don’t stuff your site with keywords. Keyword stuffing may cause your site to be penalized by the search engine.

Aside from this, you also have to make sure that you only post quality articles in your site. You want to keep the interest of your readers, make them want to read more, and ultimately to avail of your services. Now, low-quality articles won’t give you this.

Social Networking Sites

Having a website or a blog is not enough. The search engines may be driving target market to your site, but you should know that this traffic is only a small percentage of what you could potentially receive. To tap into a bigger audience, you should market your pest control company in social networking sites.

The biggest social networking site right now is Facebook. Most companies have Facebook pages where their admins could interact better with their clients. This is a very good way for you to inform your clients of your new products and/or services, and this is also a good way for your clients to get to know your company more or to provide feedback.

Another popular social networking site is Twitter. Like Facebook, this is also a good way to interact with your potential clients.

Blog and Forum Commenting

Another way to market your pest control company is to join relevant forums and visit relevant blogs. Not only is this a good way to build your online reputation, but this is also a great way to build connections with similar businesses.

You have to remember to only leave quality comments though, or else your comment will be marked as spam and deleted by the blog owner or forum moderator.

Jennifer Dalenberg, a freelance content provider for Choose Vantage, specializes in online marketing articles. She also specializes in leadership as well as management articles.

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