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There is definitely something about flashing lights that, no matter what, catches our eye and our mind as well, in terms of our imagination.  No matter where we see the flashing of lights or signs, it just captivates us in a way that makes this whole industry thrive.

Let’s look at the gaming industry first by analysing the hundred thousand fruit machines found in bars, clubs, pubs and other social environments throughout the UK. It is the flashing lights of the machine which first attracts our attention, swiftly followed by the urge every man has somewhere inside them to gamble away their hard earned cash – and that’s before we take it onto the next level by looking at the amusement arcades and casinos where there lie more flashing lights and signs than anywhere else.

Look at children and it goes onto another level. Kids in children friendly bars are drawn to the flashing lights of a fruit machine and happily while away their time pressing whatever flashes in front of their eyes whilst mum and dad enjoy some adult time. This can also be seen when children are taking into amusement arcades on their summer holidays.

Look at another avenue and custom made signs are all the rage in many trendy areas of London and Manchester, both during the day and long into the evening. Funky boutiques, out there wacky shops, designer bars, music rooms and nightclubs all benefit from having some form of neon sign. The imagination of the recipient, alongside the careful eye of the designer, both play their part in creating applications fit for any situation which include – but are in no way limited to – branding, events, entertainment, gifts, art and also home use.

Search for your neon sign maker online to get ahead of the competition. After all, neon signs can be made to the highest and most detailed specification and with delivery across the UK, make for an excellent choice to finish off or add to our home, office and/or business.

Probably made more famous by the “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign or the “HOLLYWOOD” sign we can all visualise, I challenge anyone to find an outlet which would not be complemented in some way, shape or form by a neon sign. They are creative, excellently designed to the most detailed spec, trendy, original and current.  People old and young, large and small are drawn to coloured flashing lights. It’s just human nature.

Michelle Bryan writes on behalf of quality Neon Sign Maker with a large customer base throughout the UK.

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