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Things That We Can Learn From The Designs Of Social Media Sites


Social media is one of the most popular kind of websites today since it provides entertainment for people. Studying the concept of its design can help web designers to create an effective web design for business website.

Whenever I browse the internet I always visit the social media websites.  It is much easier to find time watching videos on the internet than to find time finishing my daily task.   Social media websites that allow me to chat with my online friends are also my favourite.  With the popularity of these websites, it is very hard for a new website to make a name for itself.  However, if I am going to take a closer look at the web design of this site I know that I can learn something from it.

Things That Made Social Media Websites Popular

  1. Simplicity: One thing I realize when I take a closer look at the popular social media sites is that their design is simple.  One of the most popular video hosting website today only consists of two colours which is red and white.  Although the colour schemes of this site are simple some of its elements are very striking.  The website is specifically designed to be user-friendly, allowing me to learn how to use it in just a few minutes.

  1. Functionality: Most of the social media website I have visited allow me to post my comments on a particular application. This feature enables me to communicate with other users.  Furthermore, these websites allow me to post my videos on it and share it with everyone.  With these functions, social media websites not only provide entertainment but also serve a useful tool for getting information.

Social Media Web Design Principles Can Also Be Used in Online Marketing Sites

The web designing principles of the social media websites can also be used in creating websites for business purposes.  If I am going to create a business website, I don’t have to settle for elegant designs. I can simply choose two to three colours that harmonize with each other and set it as the theme of the site. It is also necessary for me to put a search box that will help the users in finding the information that they need.

To make my website attractive, the first thing that I should prioritize is the interaction between people. People are always attracted to websites that does not restrict them from communicating with other users.  To make this possible, I can put a section that will allow users to post their reviews and comments about a particular product featured on the site.

Aside from that I should also make sure that various elements should be properly arranged on the site. The graphics, written content, videos and blog site should be entertaining and informative as much as possible.

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