The New Alienware M II X Laptop


The New Alienware M II X Laptop

The Alienware laptops have a reputation of being unaffordable and not being portable, two undesirable characteristics that the new version of the Alienware dynasty attacks with proven success. The new version is an ultra -portable laptop, and  the price tag of less than 1000 United States dollars by many accounts good value for money. One of its most valuable armour is its switchable graphics packed by a GT335M chip.

Compared to the previous vertion  the new Alienware MIIX has an internal hardware. It has retracted the painfully too -low- voltage Core 2 Duo chips for intel’s core i5 and the i7 VLU chips. It contains the Optimus automatic graphics technology from nVidia. In more ways than one the newbie shares some visible traits to its prerude, for example, it has the same screen, the same identical case, similar ports, weighs the same and it also features the same keyboard complete with Alien FX lighting. Also the new version has the same intergrated, embedded eight cell battery as the previous one.

The new MIIX is also different to the previous version as it has a 1.2GHz Core i7 640 UM uitra -low- voltage CPU, compared the previous version which contained an overlocked Core 2 Duo 7300. The said eight cell battery of the new Alienware M11X laptop offers less longevity than the previous version as it clocks a prime time of five hours, which is inferior to the previous allienware which topped seven hours before running out. That said, the five hours shift is still an impressive return.

The machine is stuffed with a 4 GB of Ram and 500 GB hard drive. It also scores an impressive 91 per cent as compared to a score of 71 per cent achieved by the previous one on the Worldbench 6 -the industry real world measure of a system performance-. It also outpunches its predecessor by a score of between ten per cent and twenty five per cent in terms of frame rates in games. When playing games or dealing with high -defination games, the graphics’ processor triggers in without any interfearance, screen problems and without any undue stopages.

When all is said, the new 11 -incher slim laptop is a great update of the previous version as it embodies its good values, removes the outdated features of the predecessor while incorporating new features that combine finess and value. The new Alienware M11X will retail at 799 US dollars, the ones that contain Core i5 will go for between 949 US dollars and a maximum of 1299 US dollars. It is a quality device with good performance and is a great tribute to the Alienware dynasty.

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