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Software Development

Contrary to popular belief, software development is a complex and involving process that relies on accumulated knowledge and excellent organization skills, just to name a couple of noteworthy attributes that are needed. Software developers are constantly faced with the task of tackling projects that require feature-rich results under time, financial and technical constraints.

Sometimes, a helping hand is appreciated when it comes to making sense of software development. No matter the languages and platforms used to develop software applications, an experienced consultant can make the difference between a company delivering its product to spec and under budget versus a product that suffers countless delays, cost overruns and poor quality.

What is a Software Development Consultant?

In simple terms, a software development consultant is simply someone who is brought in from an outside company to provide advice and assistance with software development. Consultants usually guide companies with engineering and implementing software solutions using current industry approaches. Unlike employees, consultants work on behalf of the company on a contract basis. Consultants are generally not involved in the programming aspects of software development, although it is not uncommon to see consultants who are well-versed in a variety of programming languages and concepts.

Why Hire a Consultant?

For many aspects of software training and engineering, having a software developer consultant on board can be a refreshing change of pace. Software consultants are usually tasked with ensuring that companies follow best practices by bringing their technical know-how to the table. This is especially helpful when it comes to large-scale projects that can benefit from a straightforward approach.

Consultants can stand back and look at the big picture as well as home in on the details. For starters, software development consultants can offer a fresh assessment of your current project organization and create a plan aimed at promoting or restoring efficiency while addressing certain business challenges. Consultants can also help with software engineering benchmarks, giving companies an opportunity to know where their products stand in comparison to other best-in-class organizations. Consultants can also assist with a variety of other software development issues, from budgetary and technical constraints to bottlenecks in current project workflows.

Enjoying the Best Possible Results

Software developers can benefit most from consulting expertise. Having an experienced consultant on hand can give companies a clear direction for their software development needs to flow. This usually leads to enhanced productivity among developers as well as greater project predictability. With greater predictability comes the ability to provide a higher-quality product that is delivered on time and under budget.

Another result of software development consulting is the adoption of Agile development, although the adoption and adaptation of Agile best practices usually depends on the company’s organizational structure and the unique working environment. Software development consulting can also be used in conjunction with software training to further augment and accelerate your organization’s capabilities.

Software development consultants are key players within a company’s strategic infrastructure, even if they are hired from outside sources. The value they offer to a company’s ability to develop high quality results can be immeasurable in most circumstances.

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