The Handheld GPS Device That Has it All


Magellan CrossoverIt can be incredibly difficult when you are attempting to navigate your way across an unknown city. It is especially hard if you are not using the GPS system to drive with. Many devices are simply unable to handle the extra features needed to allow each unit to work on foot. This is not so with the Magellan Crossover. Priced at just $500, this machine boasts many additional features that seems as though it has it all.

The device is fairly small, but can sometimes be unsuitable for the smaller pockets, such as a shirt. This is largely down to the touch screen that is both bright and colorful, and the mapping system ultimately being easy to read and decidedly clear. In addition to this, there are external features such as the high impact plastic that cases the machine that makes the Crossover an excellent accompaniment to the outdoor activities. In particular, the system has been useful for geo-caching, which is a treasure hunt involving satellite points on a map, or even fishing, as the plastic is water resistant.

These outdoor pursuits do not always require a navigation system. However, the topography maps spanning 48 of the 50 states prove incredibly useful when attempting to journey on foot and wish to avoid the steeper areas. It is possible to download more maps or extra detailed area guides from Magellan’s internet page for a minimum of $130, it may be wiser to avoid doing that. That being said, the memory card slot is rather useful for storing other items such as music or photos.

Additional features of this particular model allow the user to travel in comfort, with music or images that can be utilized across the journey for an incredible multimedia experience. The driving maps are detailed and informative, and span all 50 states including Canada and Puerto Rico, which means that you should have very little difficulty getting from A to B.

Options on this mapping system show how easy the functions are to use, and the device is packed with extra features such as the innovative database showing many of the interesting points to note, such as hotels, banks, food and gas stations for example. The road types can be selected, as can the cheapest or shortest route. The address book has a wonderful storage system that easily remembers the previous destinations so that your traveling experience is greatly enhanced.

The mapping system being as direct and clear as it is means that the speed of the device is a complete improvement on other machines in the same range. The satellite navigation system is often wonderful no matter where you are, and as such, the directions given from text to speech are clear and crisp in the 2D and 3D maps alike. True to form, there were a few design flaws with the directions, and also the inability to select an address as a feature for the use outdoors, but these should not detract from the overall display.

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