The Guide To Sales Jobs At Startups In NYC


If you are prepared to prosper in vagueness and like to accept more liability in semi-chaotic surroundings, then the advantage startup job is pretty rewarding.

Learning curve is precipitous and tends to intensify every time you think it is about to even out. As soon as, you get used to a specific task, you are asked to jump on to something new. Ultimately ask yourself, which kind of task will satisfy you, before jumping in the startup chaos.

The Guide To Sales Jobs At Startups In NYC

Recognize Your Desire:

Remember with startups things work differently. The experience of working with one Startup Company will differ significantly from working with its competitors. Alternatively, you will come across more similarities, while working with two totally unrelated startups.

It can be due to company size and team dynamics. Small company has strong impact on every team member, whereas in corporate ambiance your distance from the executive is greater.

Land on Startup Job:

It is difficult to find a sales job in a company with 5 members and no budget for recruiting. Startup job hunt is different than typical search. New York Startup Jobs website also posts a list of open positions, which is a good starting point.


Startup entrepreneurs have no time, no knowledge of posting jobs, before right audience as well as lack funds. Therefore, by default they use connections to fill the open positions. They depend heavily on recommendations and referrals from known sources as well as from social events.

This means your search of startup job needs to be less about applications and CVs, but more about networking. It is tough but eventually will lead you to a right connection.

Attend Startup Events:

A little research and you will locate mentoring programs and networking groups focused on startup businesses. On Google, you will find startup oriented events around your locality.

You can start attending events and possibility that you will get a good job at their recent industry activity. You can even take advice from major stars on how to plot a course through the startup community. Befriend great sales recruiter, who are industry insiders and know which companies are hot and who is hiring.

Deeply Study their Product:

If you located a startup, then it is time to display your skills. Read and gather as much information as you can about their product through tutorials, feedbacks, and reviews. You can even invest in the product and use it. If you love their product and mission, then during the interview with Sales Recruiters NYC, you can impress them with prompt response.

Check Startup Culture:

You are about to spend plenty of time with the other employees working there and so it becomes necessary to select people wisely. If you like their culture, then wherever possible fed in the specific wordings they employ during interview but in non-sales way.

Recognize the Competitors: 

Founders will be impressed, if you provide an opinion on the startup’s competitive advantage but make sure it does not sound arrogant or critical.

Perform Personal Skill Check:

Besides technical skills and talent certain skills most startups look for in fresh hires are flexibility, adaptability, creativity, team player, great execution, pro-activity, and curiosity. Prepare some examples and display the founders these important soft skills.

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