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The Easier Ways Of Making Money On Twitter


Many people use social media to waste their precious time. Some serious guys use twitter to do some thing useful. They make money spending part of their time on twitter. You can equally make money from twitter via the following ways:

1) Selling your products for twitter

People like Loren Brichter have come up with some mobile applications which they sale on twitter. Loren started selling his iPhone application on twitter in 2008 which he called Tweetie. He started promotion campaigns on twitter by sending messages to his friends and thereafter word spread like bush fire.

This has been considered one of the most profitable iPhone applications ever created. To show you the impact of this application, has reported the 12 per cent of twitter followers have purchased the application for their iPhones.

You can also develop an application and sell it on twitter. This is allowed by twitter, but the software should be the one which helps in organizing tweets in a particular manner. An example is an application which translates tweets into other languages. Twitter has given developers and other people to manage the development of applications.

2) Search for Leads on Twitter

You can use twitter in generating your leads. Here you make good use of twitter’s search function. This is because people always tweet about what they want. Here you will be able to find people who are looking for what you sell. To do it, just go to and type the keywords you are interested in. When someone tweets about such keywords, you and your team should respond proposing a solution for such a person. This is a good way of generating leads which has a likelihood of bearing fruits. The reply message should have a link showing your products or services.

There are also some applications you can buy which searches tweeter for you and alerts when your keyword is used. This way you will work faster and be on your way to making more clients.

3) Sell your Products on Twitter

Use tweeter to announce to your customers what you have on sale at your online store. If you do your marketing campaign well, thousands of followers will click on your link every day. To ensure that you get retweeted, you need to keep the tweets short. Do dot exploit the 140 characters, give space for those who retweet to add a personal message telling their friends about other things. It works better if you use 110 characters or less.

This post is written by Ricky Adams and he works at Coupon Glow as a writer. Coupon Glows provides working 6pm coupon code.

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