The Asus Eee Pc 1201N Review


The Asus Eee Pc 1201N Review

The Asus 1201N netbook is pretty good machine and is the best choice in the twelve inch netbook niche, but suffers for its low -performing battery that only returns a mere four hour shift. It comes with a useful video performance propelled by the nVidic lon chipset and the generous 12.1 inch LCD screen. The device also suffers from its maximum 2GB memory capacity and an exagerated price.

The shipment of the device comes with a trivial 1.6GHz intel Atom 330 processor with a speed of 160MHz. The memory technology is DDR2 with a pedestrian 800MHz and a total HD size of 250GB. The storage armour is further bolstered by a multimedia card and SDHC card. Where the Asus 1201N nails its peers is in its use of Windows 7 Home Premium instead of the more comon Windows 7 Starter Edition or the Windows XP that is the preserve of many netbooks. The Windows 7 Home Premium has the advantage of using less memory.

Other bundled software include microsoft office trialware, microsoft works, Asus web storage, an online file back up and a sync facility that comes with a free one GB storage. All these softwares try to address the machine’s memory handicaps but with limited success. The device also comes with a rich repertour of interface connections like Ethernet RJ45, HDMI digital video port, three USB -universalserial bus ports and video 15 pn High Density D-Shell.

The device comes with a width of 12.6 inches, a depth of 8.3 inches and towers a height of 1.4 inches. It tips the scale at 3.2 pounds but tops 3.71 pounds when stuffed with a full assortment. The machine offers great video performance on its screen than many netbooks that use Atom CPU. Its 3D gaming is also good compared to other netbooks, but ultimately poor when matched with other laptops – gamers will certainly find other more potent gaming computers. The imaging is quite commendable as is its functional keyboard.

Arguably, the Asus 1201N’s greatest challenge is its battery longevity, a four hour twenty minute running time is unlikely to earn it any friends as is its rather exubitant cost . It also produces distorted sound that can only be remedied with standard stereo.

The Asus 1201N is a rather useful device that does pretty well when put to the test by the WorldBench 6. It tries to bridge the netbook -laptop devide with mixed results. It will appeal to those looking for steady performance. But it is not a gaming tool by many stardards, and matters are further complicated by its low memory arsenal. The pricing is also a challenge as it appear to value 100 US dollars less than its retaqil price of 500 dollars.

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