Technology Your Business Needs To Save Money and Improve Efficiency


These days, companies are looking for ways to save money and improve efficiency. The economy is not at its best, so it behooves companies to find ways to cut costs. There are various technological methods to employ with guaranteed success.

Technology Your Business Needs To Save Money and Improve Efficiency

Manage Projects Online

There is no need to keep a hand written “To Do” list. Mostly everything is automated. Gone are the days when people use desk calendars. Microsoft Outlook and other software programs give one the option of keeping a “To Do” list and keeping track of appointments online. Program all appointments with reminders. Outlook is setup to have reminders sent out for up to five minutes, one hour or more, or even days before the scheduled meeting. A useful feature is that the calendar is shareable. If one is planning a meeting for an entire office, set up the appointment in Outlook. Then invite the remaining employees.

Paperless Invoices

Have companies email invoices instead of sending hard copies. If a paper is required, print one out. Keep a file with all labeled bills on a hard drive. Do not worry about lost data. Everything gets backed up remotely. It takes up too much time to open regular mail and sort them. The company that is sending out the invoices also saves on stamps and envelopes.

Bucket Heaters

Use bucket heaters for storing large amounts of foods and supplies that require a certain temperature level. They use up less energy and save the company money. For examples, bucket heaters from Powerblanket can help certain foods and materials last longer and be more effective.

Lease Office Equipment

It is more cost efficient to lease office equipment. The contract comes with a maintenance agreement and an option to upgrade to a newer machine if it is required.

Centralize Tasks

If work gets done over and over again, it could mean that the activity needs to be automated. Companies that do business on the web send out newsletters on a regular basis to inform customers of new products and services. Use a newsletter service instead. The newsletter gets sent automatically each time there is an update.

In conclusion, it does not matter if the company is new or has been in business long-term. It pays to save money. Use computers and technology to automate certain tasks. It could mean a higher profit at the end of the year, or even a higher employee bonus or other perks.

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