Sony AIBO Robo-Dog


Sony AIBO Robo-Dog Original Sony AIBO robotic dog model will be instantly recognized as made out of metal and plastic due to the very poor paint job it sported. This time a lot of features on new technology goes with the AIBO as well as brand new paintjob. Many of the model’s original features were taken out. Your PS3 and PSP will be interfaced wirelessly by the new model of Sony AIBO. The AIBO as you will notice can do facial recognitions with its built in headcam, it can also be used for motion sensor technology. It’s point of view video can be streamlined over WiFi technology, so AIBO can be connected to the computer system. Speaking of toys that are really cool to play with.

Whenever you want your AIBO functions can be controlled, Sony made it so. A technology in the robotic dog will be triggered by turning on a remote control. Meaning it is a remote controlled dog. The dogs movements will be controlled by your new found ability to control it. At night you can even place the dog in front of your locked door. All night you have a “guard dog” in the Sony AIBO robo-dog. Your robotic dog can be set this way. Your guard robotic dog will know to alert you on a potential intruder as it uses a software on face recognition. Regarding entering your property burglars now will think twice, even if they saw the robotic dog as maybe they would just ignore it probably.

As to the release of the robotic dog, Sony may not be close to doing it actually as speculated by many. Weighing the potential consumers’ interest on AIBO may just be the main reason why Sony is spreading out informations according to insiders. The release of the original AIBO takes the company to a huge financial hit. When it comes to the new version’s release, playing it safe is what the company prefers. They want to be certain that the AIBO will be at par with the consumers expectation by doing many adjustments on it. For the sake of saving a lot of money many company practice such interesting marketing techniques.

Money is one major thing that will play a role in how this will do as a product. The company tried selling the last Sony AIBO at a very expensive price, what do you expect it was not a piece of junk after all. A pretty good response with this version will be seen if the price is reasonable. But, if Sony will offer the AIBO at a high price to play with the consumer then the same result as the last time will be experienced. So this time around, for this reason the company is being really careful. Positive is the current response for this Sony AIBO version. If they come out one of this days, will you be buying one? Let me know what you think.

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