Some Interesting Facts About Online Dating


Everybody enjoys seeing the ads for online dating services. Perfect physical and spiritual love, found in cyberspace. They all look so happy and seem to be made for each other. Many of these online dating sites claim that they use a certain number of compatibility features in order to come up with these perfect matches. How successful are they, really? Lets look at some facts.

– Some sites are more reliable than others. There are some sites that actually do some research into the statements made by the applicants. For the most part, however, the sites have to rely on the statements made and hope that they are honest and accurate. One of the best predictors of a compatible date is the sites that offer a period of back and forth information so that the participants can question each other, get to know each other, and perhaps ferret out any inconsistencies in their profiles.

– Most people are honest. Now that we have recognized that the sites are rather limited as to how much they can screen applicants, what about the applicants themselves? For the most part, people who register on these sites are truly interested in finding someone nice to meet and date, if not necessarily spend the rest of their lives with. Most people really are looking for a nice person and some interesting “companionship” Entering false information and a false picture can only work one time with each date; since they will immediately see that you are not the person in the picture. And you’d better be able to speak well and have at least one suit if you have professed yourself to be a lawyer.

– Women are more honest than men. No surprise here. Despite the fact that most people are honest, men frequently have ulterior motives and, let’s face it, bigger egos. Women, with few exceptions, are not interested in one night stands, and if they are, they are more likely to shop on Craig’s list than a dating site. Men, on the other hand, have to fool women into thinking they want a dating relationship when what they really want is a one night stand. And many men, although admittedly not all, are pretty convinced that once the lady meets them, they can charm her, despite the phony picture and hyped up resume.

– You get what you pay for. This is another no-brainer. The sites that do more screening, allow for more interaction before a date is scheduled and, of course, spend all that money on T.V. advertising are going to cost more than the ones where you fill out a form, upload a picture and hope for the best. Don’t forget that’s all the other people on the site have done as well.

Despite all of these issues, only about 20% of dating sites are successful in united partners, yet 70% of applicants continue to apply, despite this lack of success. Ah, the quest for love!

Don’t take what someone says at face value. Use background check services before meeting anyone in person.

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