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Regardless of talks, spoken about Apple’s mobile devices, and Apple’s bold suppositions that their smartphones are the leading mobile devices being bought nowadays in the international market, we all know what the situation is really like. A lot of my friends (and me, too) don’t like Apples for their policy and the policy of their devices – I mean, when you have to ask the IPhone or IPad – “please, let me synchronize my files” or something, and these people do know which devices are rally valuable – those, which are made for people, but not those, which people are made for. That’s why today, especially for Android platform devices and their admirers, we are going to inspect the most successful newest Android applications. Personally I will tell only about those I used on my own. And the first among them will be

Word Lens

– a very useful tool for those guys who do like to travel as much as I do. In fact, the program is fairly simple, but still it can become extremely useful for people who do not know the language, but still want to know the side they have to go to, or just want to go back to their hotel after a hard day. You install the Word Lens onto your phone, switch it on and watch the necessary sign or notice with your phone inbuilt camera. The note will be automatically translated to the language you have previously chosen. A very nice thing to have at hand – because in Italy I was pretty tired before finding the barber. A very handy program for travelers, as I have mentioned. Still, there are some cons on this program – such as the absence of many languages (only Spanish, French and Italian are available) and its nasty habit of misunderstanding signs, if they are not clear or dark. They promise to upgrade it yet. The second useful application is Android Defrag Pro. In fact it is as simple as the previous one, and again is quite useful for people who travel a lot. The application kills excess processes in the system, deletes corrupted and temporary files and permanently deletes internet search. All this prolongs the battery life of the smartphone to about 20%. No complicated GUI – everything is performed in one touch. The battery optimization works really well – I have tried it myself and, in my humble opinion, this is one of the best battery optimization programs I have tried (and I did a lot, I assure you). Quite a good app for the phone, when you’re constantly lacking the capacity of the battery, and by some reason do not want to buy an additional one. Personally I have merged these two methods, and now I’m online anywhere and a lot.
The third one is IShare – a new application that enables to forget about USBs and other stuff, sharing, storing and exchanging the files without any difficulties. Features an online storage, where you can store3 files up to 10 Mbytes in size. Every file is secured, because each time you upload a file somewhere, it gets a unique ID. As for me – this is a perfect decision for those who are tired of USBs and cables. I am, and that’s why I’m already using it and I must say that it is rather convenient. A good option for people who often drop files to their PC or notebook, but never want to make fuss with cables.
I hope that my humble reviews of these products will help you as much as they are helping me right now. Kep your Android phones up-to-date, and never fail to inspect the latest apps – some of them turn into really usable tools in everyday life.

Rebecca is a freelance writer interested in marketing and malware

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