Review of eMachines EZ1601-01


eMachines EZ1601-01

Pros: this is a notably lower priced than many other all in 1 net tops which are flourished with the same specifications.  It is weight very light and therefore can be carried around very easily.

Cons: dreary performance may put may people off. It is even for a nettop. It possesses vertically mounted ports at the back which make connection a tough task.

This system is priced just under $400 and it is one of the cheapest all in 1 and it is easily portable however the performance is quite slow than many other nettops.

The important information is the specifications and they are as follows;

Processor is an Intel AtomN270 with 1.6GHz speed. It memory is 1GB and the hard drive storing capacity is 160GB. It has DVD and RW optical drives and the monitor is 18.5 inch and it is an integrated LCD. There is also integrated Intel GMA graphics and lastly this system operated on Windows XP.

In the recent years it was quite tough to come up with an argument for all in 1 net top which were Intel Atom powered because they have generally been priced over $500.  Since EMachines EZ 1601 01 is just under $400 it is starts of 1 step further than its rivals. This PC could be used for simple basic task such as web browsing however it is not recommended as a primary system since it would not be able to provide a high level performance.

This system is medium sleek and since it is quite thin some may just be impressed with its look. It has curved holders and it does not require a large space. With the 18.5 inch monitor which as a 1366 x 768 display is provides a good experience. The power button has the logo of the brand and it glows a green light when it is turned on.

There are 2 USB ports, flash card, mic and headphone slots and 1 multimedia card on the side. At the back there are 2 more USB ports, 1 Ethernet, keyboard and mouse ports and also audio out jack that provide plenty of features. Actually the Ethernet port is a gigabit on which provides a high speed connection.

This system has gone through several tests and it has score quite similar to other same range priced PCs. Overall it is quite good one for those who are looking for a system to provide basic tasks.

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