The Professional Burglar


Professional burglars know their trade. Professional burglars are studious, observant and constantly lurking in the background of a likely target, either a home or office. Burglars analyse traffic and personnel movements around targeted properties.  In either residential or commercial parks, burglars look for settings that will enable them to make one big score or a series of burglaries at the same time. Their goal is to get in, get out and never return.

Burglars are organized. They make plans. They look for unusual ways to access a property. They identify several exit routes and move quickly. Burglars find ways to identify specific targets. When a burglar enters a house, he or she knows the floor plan and what they are looking for and where the goods are kept. Burglars can get in and out of a home quicker than imagined. Professional burglars don’t waste time savagingthrough the home or office. They get to what they want and take it and do not get sidetracked.
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There are other burglars who are freelancers and steal because they think they can. Data collected by Iowa State University’s Journal of Forensic Science reveals that neighborhood burglaries most often involve a person known to the homeowner. The majority of home burglars either livesor works within two miles of the violated property.

This is scary stuff. The chances are good that somebody in your neighborhood may well have thought about robbing you. Assuming you have a home or office security system, this means that you must periodically change passwords. If you have children, instruct them not to reveal the password to de-activate the system.

If your system has video capabilities, make sure the targeted areas and the cameras are aligned properly. The ideal home or business security system can help reduce the chance of burglary by an alarm system connected to a provider who notifies the police.

Unoccupied residences, including homes where the inhabitants are on vacation, are targets. In addition to activating your alarm, leave set a number of lights to go on and off while you are away. If you have a trusted friend or neighbor, ask them to check the house once a day.

Many communities have begun to organize neighborhood watch programs that are very organized.When you review your security images, look for suspicious movements. Most importantly, be watchful. Most burglars visit the targeted area more than once before they strike. If you see unidentified, unoccupied vehicles parked in the neighborhood for no how reason either jot the plate number down or take a photo with your phone.

If people are aimlessly spending time in the neighborhood, don’t be afraid to approach them and ask if they need assistance. Home or office security systems are great but personal involvement and cooperative watchdog groups are the best deterrent for burglaries.

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