Reasons Why You Don’t Get Promoted, You Are The Problem


You have been working for the same company for about 3 years. And yet, you are still at that same position. You want to take your corporate life to the next level. However, your superiors don’t seem to care.

Perhaps, they are not the problem. Have you considered checking yourself? You might have some problems which hinder your dream of getting promoted.

I’m going to provide you with a checklist that will help you reflect on your personal problems. That way, you can improve yourself. Who knows if you’ll get that promotion that you wanted for years?

Do you make good proposals and business presentations? If you are given a task, do you give your 100% for it? If not, that’s the reason for your slow growth in your company. The first thing that your boss will look at is your productivity. If they don’t see great materials, don’t expect that they will promote you anytime soon. You have to read books and get advices from people who are good with business presentations and proposals. You have to admit that you need help in improving your works.

Are you punctual? Given that you provide quality output, you have to ask yourself if you are punctual. It’s very important that you go to work on time. Otherwise, your superiors will think that you are lazy. Even if you are an asset but you always come late, that will not do any good in your records.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t take leaves as often as possible. Save your days for the most important events. Having a hangover is not an excuse.

Do you exert effort to participate in activities outside the office? I’m sure that there are parties outside of your office. You have to attend those. You are making yourself visible to your boss. Perhaps, the reason why they don’t promote you is because they don’t know you in the first place.

Are you making friends with your colleagues? This is very important. Note that in a promotion process, your superiors will ask your colleagues. If you are not friendly, these co-workers will not commend you. Win that Ms. Congeniality award and you’ll get that promotion instantly.

Do you have bad records? If you have, don’t expect a seamless promotion. You can check this with your Human Resource representative. That way, you will know which areas need to be improved.

Always remember that your promotion depends on your attitude and personality. You can even ask your family for suggestions. That’s because they know what your strong points are. You can use that as your ammo.

Kim Bookman is a writer for one of the best sites to learn about Welding and the Top Schools for Welding. You can learn about MIG Welding and everything you need to know on how to succeed at welding.

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