Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard


When it comes to the gaming gears, Razer has surely made its name in the market. The mechanical key switch renders probably the most comfy typing experiences and with added backlights and on the fly macro recording, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is an attractive gaming keyboard to consider, priced at $125.

Design and Features:

The new Razer is pretty much similar to the BlackWidow Ultimate which is priced at $80. The main distinguishing features are the back light and impressive responsive typing experience alongwith USB jack and audio ports.

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is one of the two mechanical keyboards from the SteelSeries in the gaming market, and with a rise in demand of such keyboards, the market has been definitely up.

The Cherry MX Blue switches are very good, they produce a good clacking sound when hit, but they are loud as well, for some it is satisfying, while many others won’t find it reasonable. The switches in the BlackWidow Ultimate are the best one can get, but still to some reviews, the function keys are a bit too congested, they being squirted to the center of the keyboard. This in turn makes the function keys very closer, and hard to single them out, but again, for expert gamers, this layout is a dream comes true.

The features of the BlackWidow Ultimate are very much the same as of the high end gaming keyboards in the market. The backlighting comes in new and the capability of cycling through 5 different brightness settings is sweet. This back lighting feature basically separates the Ultimate from the standard BlackWidow which does not come with backlight. The Ultimate could have been even better if it had come with custom backlight colors and the ability to port over Naga epic gaming mouse would have made the Ultimate one bundle gamers couldn’t simply resist.

The BlackWidow Ultimate also comes with a USB 2.0 jack and two audio jacks along the right side of the keyboard. The USB port is very handy; one can connect easily a mouse, a mobile device or a USB key. The audio jacks are capable of supporting analog Stereo headset. Other than that, BlackWidow has introduced a new on the fly macro recording utility button, as well as the capability to activate pc profiles and assignment of custom key commands via driver software.  The drivers on their part are very easy to use and many gamers have become very obsessive about macros; the more dedicated macro keys there are, the better it is for the life of gamers. Razer has some, but if there were more than what Razer came with, it would be an absolute joy for many gamers out there looking for custom command storage.  The driver software assigns the key to the task needed.

To sum it up, the BlackWidow Ultimate would have been much better if there were some tweaks in there comparing with its own BlackWidow standard edition. But if the Backlights are the priority for you with great mechanical experience, this is just the gear you are looking for.

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