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These days, there are numerous kinds of printers available on the market, which is affordable enough for the average consumer. A printer is a gadget that makes the duplications/replications of hard-copy documents possible. The various types of printers have different features and functions. The following is a list of the most prevalent types of consumer printers.

The Dot-Matrix: This type of printer is old, raucous slow and offers an inadequate output quality. Nonetheless, they are very affordable to purchase and quite dependable. The biggest advantage of dot-matrix printers over other printer types; is that they use rolls of paper, instead of single, A4 sheets of paper. This feature allows on to print elongated banners which might need many sheets of short A4 paper. Then again – they yield low-quality prints and are quite susceptible to paper jams.

The Ink-Jet: These types of printers are affordable, their print quality is high, and they print quite quickly as well. The majority of models are quite compact and light weight – as a result they don’t consume too much room on your desk. Because of the cost of ink, maintaining an ink-jet printer is definitely more expensive than

The Laser: The most important advantage of this kind of printer is most likely its speed and efficiency of printing. Laser printer is definitely quite pricey, but it’s relatively cheap to run. These types of printers offer the best quality output, when compared with the other kinds of contemporary printers. Then again – the upkeep, repair and servicing of these types of printing device are very high, and therefore laser printers are not the most suitable choice for a home.

using a laser printer. Furthermore, the prints emerge from the printer a little wet, which might need some time to dry, nothing like laser printers. Ink-jet printers are slow when compared to laser printers, and aren’t designed for bulk printing.

The Multifunction: Multifunction printers combines high-quality colour ink jet/laser printing with paper, faxing, colour scanning, colour copying and even phoning all in one handy, space-saving device. If you work from home or have a small office – a multifunctional printer should be perfect for you.

When, for example, you are printing business cards – the two most commonly used types of printers are laser and ink-jet. This is because these two kinds of printers are more proficient at producing high quality business cards.

When printing something like business cards, the highest print quality, and an affordable pricing scheme should be considered. Subsequently, picking the right kind of printer is indispensable to provide the highest productivity with the least resources.

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