PC Tattletale Review: Remote Spying and Keylogging Made Easy


Are you a parent wondering what kinds of pictures your daughter is sending over snapchat? Maybe you just know your employees are slacking off all day and then claiming overtime pay.  Maybe you do not think your spouse is being honest in your relationship.  What do all these problems have in common?

Real life reasons why you would want to spy on someone.

Spying software (also known as keylogging software) has been around for years.  But the problem is these kinds of programs are difficult to put on a computer or phone.  Some even require you to do things that break your device’s warranty.

If you really need to see what someone is doing on their computer and you do not want void your phone or computer’s warranty then check out PC Tattletale.

PC Tattletale is a powerful computer spying software and keystroke logger that will show you everything they do on their computer, phone, or tablet without you needing to be technical.  It is so easy any of us can do it.

So how does PC Tattletale work?

You put PC Tattletale on their computer or smart phone.  It is worth noting that you need access to the computer or device you want to put it on.  It installs just like any other app.  Nothing tricky.  Only after you put it on there it disappears.  You will not see it and neither will the person you are spying on.  If you want to see how easy it is check out their article: How To Install Keylogger On PC.

After it is installed just head on over to and sign into your secure account.  You can do it from your smart phone or another computer.  It does not matter.  When you sign in you will see a YouTube like video. Like the screen below.

PC Tattletale Review: Remote Spying and Keylogging Made Easy

There is a nice click activity chart.  It shows you when they are on the computer.  Now you will finally discover that your 10 year old is waking up late at night to play video games.

PC Tattletale has all the common video playback controls you would expect.  One really cool thing is it puts the keystrokes in the video.  So as you are watch them go to Facebook PC Tattletale shows their password as they sign in.  You can also see a complete transcript of everything they typed.

So if you have ever needed to spy on someone give PC Tattletale a try.  They offer a free 7 day trial.  Put it on your home computer or smart phone.  You will be shocked at what you find out.

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