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Promoting a website and online business comes in many different flavors. This generally evolves around advertising in some shape or form, but ultimately, there are different ways to go about using this equipment and technology to better increase the amount of traffic a website receives. When advertisements are created, it comes down to two different forms: impression based and pay per click based. If you have looked over the information and decided to go with pay per click, there is very important data you need to consider. Whether you decided to advertise on Facebook or Google, there are different specifications and aspects that must be taken into consideration before you put up the ads. Even though you pay every time someone clicks on the ad, you want to make sure you make the most possible profit out of your advertising campaign, which means more people clicking on the ads and being redirected to your website.


So you decided to go with Facebook advertisements. There is a good start, as it is one of the most used websites on the planet. It is found in just about every country, so when you create the ads, you can specifically target your demographic. With Facebook, going after your desired demographic is important, as they are more likely to click on your ad than others. This is what makes Facebook so ideal looking and profitable. You don’t have to waste your time placing the ad on just anyone’s page, but instead on people’s pages who are going to click on your content. Of course, to do this, you need to know what your target demographic is. This might be a specific gender or age range. When you opt into creating Facebook ads, you must select this information, then create keywords. The keywords are very important, no matter where you place the ads (on Facebook or Google based content). With the keywords, they are more likely to appear on people’s pages who will click on your content, even within your demographic. So if they like a particular band, activity or other material that matches the keyword, the ad is going to appear right on their Facebook page, promoting them to clicking on the page.

Facebook Profile

If you have your own Facebook profile you are using to promote your content, you just need to take one aspect into consideration: the time you upload posts. For starters, you want to make sure you only post once or so a day. You don’t want to go overboard. You probably have friends who post multiple times a day. What do you do with these friends? Either block them or not even look at the content because your’e so tired of it. Due to this, uploading one update every day or every other day is most desirable.
When it comes to the time of the post, you want to place it earlier on in the week, during the work time. This way, people are more likely to see it, as fewer individuals are liking to view the information while back at home. You don’t have to worry about abiding to all time zones, as it is almost impossible to do this. Unless you are advertising for individuals in Australia, you just need to post what is most beneficial in your own time zone.


With Google, you still must create the keywords and other content for your advertising. It doesn’t really matter on the time of the day, although typically, when you select how much you’re willing to pay per ad (you basically are bidding on ad space with Google and Facebook), if you are able to pay more, you’ll receive more desirable time slots. The keywords are very important with Google, as this is the primary way Google places your ads and ensures your content is matching with other material and content on the Internet that goes with your advertisement.

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