Norton 360 v5 plus SONAR 3 TECHNOLOGY


Norton 360 v5 plus SONAR 3 TECHNOLOGY

Do you need fast installation Antivirus software with easy installation options? Look no further than the Norton 360 v5. It has a completely new look with more advanced features than the previous 360 v4.  The cool interface, better download link and improved SONAR 3 technology makes it user friendly to non-technical users. The set-up installation sets everything by default hence no need for further customization. The software comes with an all in one package which includes: An Antivirus, antispam, antiphishing, firewall and download insight that warns you against installed malicious programs.

From the main interphase you can navigate with ease through your dashboard and at glance have a look at your computer’s overall security and protection status, any backup problems and PC optimization. As you use your computer the software runs at the background ensuring total safety of your documents and programs, it also alerts you in case of EXE files that contain viruses and automatically removes them. You can also run a manual quick or full scan of your system from time to time to keep up-to-date your virus protection status. If you have been having problems with computer slowdown or hogging then this software has provided solution to this threats and protection from questionable executable files.

Norton 360 v5 protects your computer against any fishy websites which you may stumble upon while visiting other sites and social networks like Facebook. These sites have direct links that lead to other sites and if you are unknowingly redirected to any fishy website Norton 36o v5 lunches its firewall which blocks access to these sites. The package has a Norton safe web which is an added advantage compared to other antivirus software, it automatically scans various sites before opening them this enables you to open sites in a safe free environment and free from viruses.

You don’t need to go anywhere else as this is a complete protection and optimization software; its usage is as easy as its installation and completely reliable when it comes to data protection. It has merged Symantec Online Automatic Response Version 3 (SONAR 3) and System insight 2.0 to give you a quick access and instant management against any threats. Always running on the background whether you are using your computer or not makes it completely reliable and efficient.  The software is highly recommended as it runs on a wide range of operating systems offering complete solution to antiphishing, antivirus, firewall, antispam, backup features and optimization tools.

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