Lotus Domino: Hosting Social Business Applications At A Low Cost


If you have a business that requires multiple computing solutions for its operation and administration, then you will best be served by implementing an integrated hosting platform. One of the most robust server platforms available today is IBM Lotus Domino. Domino archiving and collaboration solutions are legendary in the world of business, and no other platform provides as many social applications aimed at increasing productivity and accelerating operational processes.

Empower Your Business with Domino

Domino is capable of enhancing all of the key activities of your business, including the following:
• Marketing
• Product development
• Human resources
• Customer relationship management
• Purchasing and supply chain management
• Project tracking

Thousands of business applications have been built on the Lotus Domino platform, and these applications can help you seize new opportunities. They also allow you to streamline all of your business processes through an integrated workflow engine that ensures all approval and compliance requirements are being met.

Domino’s Innovative Collaboration Solutions

One of the greatest strengths of Domino is its social collaboration capability, which is spearheaded by IBM Lotus Notes. These collaboration solutions allow your personnel to reach productivity levels that they have never before achieved. Through these applications, the information and skills of each individual can be tapped whenever and wherever they are needed.

End users of Lotus Domino are connected via several applications, including email, instant messaging, calendars and file sharing. Users are instantly aware of the presence of anyone on the system who is available, and all of these applications are easily accessible from desktop workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In addition, strict corporate security policies can be implemented to protect all of your business data.

Domino Custom Application Creation

Social applications are one of the newest trends in marketing, but they are prized for their ability to gain a wide audience and make the most out of emerging business opportunities. With Lotus Domino, social applications built on NoSQL architecture can be deployed quickly and delivered to end users through web browsers, mobile phones or desktop clients. XPages, a Domino utility, allows for the creation of applications through web-based technologies and Java. In addition, content created with Domino can be instantly socialized with lightweight Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces.

Domino Improves Efficiency of IT Staff

The minimal administration requirements of IBM Lotus Domino allow IT personnel to focus on other strategic initiatives. This gives Domino a very low cost of ownership when compared to other server platforms, which often do not provide as many features. Some of the ways Domino will save you money and resources are as follows:

You will be able to automatically monitor systems, install clients and deploy policies.

  • Domino archiving minimizes server storage requirements through advanced data management and compression utilities.
  • The seamless integration of SmartCloud Notes eases the burden of infrastructure management.
  • Onsite deployment strategies benefit from improved flexibility.
  • Most Domino applications are highly scalable.
  • Business data is protected through data encryption, digital certificates and built-in virus resistance.
  • Release upgrades do not cause major disruptions in regular business activities.

Four Licensing Options
IBM Lotus Domino is available with four licensing options:

  • Messaging server – This option emphasizes collaboration utilities, such as calendar, email and discussion databases.
  • Enterprise Server – The enterprise option includes messaging server plus a customizable platform for outside applications.
  • Utility server – This option is based on non-mail collaboration applications.
  • Domino Express – Domino Express is a customizable package for small or medium-sized businesses.

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