The Advantages Of Using An Air Curtain


An air curtain is a fan and nozzle system which is installed near an open doorway and creates a protective air shield by blowing jets of high velocity air across the door opening. This invisible curtain protects the inside space from insects, moisture, dust and fumes and also minimizes the transfer of heat.

Air curtains are perfect for open doorways where traffic needs to be able to flow freely but distinct environments need to be maintained. They have many advantages, such as saving energy and providing wind resistance. These types of barriers are used at shopping mall entrances, restaurant service doors, factory freight doors and much more.

Here are some of the main advantages to installing an air curtain in a building opening:

  • Installing an air curtain will cut back on energy and heating costs because it prevents the loss of warm air from inside the building out into the atmosphere.
  • Air curtains prevent insects and flies from coming into the indoor environment, which is especially desirable in restaurants and food preparation and storage areas.
  • Air curtains can also discourage rodents such as mice and rats from entering the building. These furry creatures do not like the sensation that the air curtain gives them and they will avoid it.
  • Air curtains make the indoor climate more comfortable for employees, which can increase productivity.
  • When an air curtain is used in the doorway of a cold storage unit, it will negate the need for plastic slats or fast acting roller doors. The air curtain can effectively prevent the warm air from entering the refrigerated area and causing condensation and icing near the doorway.
  • Of course, air curtains can also be used in industrial ovens in order to keep the hot air inside.
  • Air curtains can also help to control dust and humidity in an indoor environment.
  • When a shop can have its doors open all day long, this has been proven to increase sales and encourage customers to wander into the shop.
  • An open doorway also offers free and easy access for people with disabilities or people using baby strollers.
  • An air curtain can also improve safety because there is no physical obstruction which would result in collisions.
  • They also increase the usable space near the door areas.

These are just a few of the advantages to using an air curtain in a business or industrial setting. It’s quite amazing that an invisible barrier of air can make such a difference!

Air curtains are invisible “doorways” made of high velocity jets of air. They have a number of advantages including pest prevention, temperature regulation and more.

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