Nokia 5233 Touch Phone


Nokia 5233 Touch Phone

A not so long ago released phone by Nokia named as 5233 following 5230 and about the same as the former. This ground-breaking cell has an attractive look and tons of exciting features. Nokia 5233 comes with a wide touch screen so that social networking sites and other media apps and sites can be enjoyed thus this becomes the main feature of this set. Design has been concentrated mainly in this phone so that technology with an edge can be achieved. This full touch based phone is most attractive towards the younger generation because it is good and easy to navigate and control with a touch system than with buttons. This cell has a 434 MHz ARM MHz processor an also has a symbian S60V5 as its OS thus making it faster and smooth.

The display screen is completely touch and is touch resistant yet there is a plastic casing just in case. This stylish cell phone has a 2 mega pixel camera at its back with accompanied with light focusing and detecting features give a brilliant video quality and also viewing movies on its wide screen is a blast as 3.2 inch screen has a 16 million color display. Thus this also makes images more detailed. For security phone lock is also present and a sliding key guard is also present at the right side. The set also comes with a motion sensor thus that means more fun apps can be installed on the phone. Below the sensor is a multi media shortcut button via which you can access all types of media on your phone with a single touch. Volume buttons are on top right and the volume can also be varied using touch system on the screen of different music players.

By default the cell has an mp3 player and also a realplayer though videos can also be played from the video center or any other app. The cell has many SIM modes such as silent, general and offline. Alphanumeric keypad or QWERTY pad can be switched while typing sms or email etc. It supports blue tooth and USB port 2.0. The cell has its own browser and supports direct downloads from the internet. This set also includes FM player although headset is to be connected for radio to work. Common but important features like multiple alarms and world clock is also supported. All formats of video and audio can be played by installing its player or an app and that’s the benefit of belonging to the symbian group.

However, the cell has some major drawbacks, no 3g ability in the set and nor any flash light for camera or to serve as a torch. Another factor is that it does not support multi touch and is not compact. Despite all that negativity, it is a good set to be considered if one is looking in its price range because other than the features above the cell has an excellent audio and video playback quality and plus a good battery.

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