Motorola Atrix Preview


Motorola Atrix Preview

Once, Motorola had a strong part in the mobile phone market, year after year, its stylish and reliable products like the RAZR, attracted many buyers. But suddenly, Motorola was knocked from its position by sleek smartphone, like the Apple’s iPhone. The company could only reply by releasing a number of lackluster devices, it made some headway with the Droid and finally right now, Motorola is attempting to steal the spotlight with its first ever phone powered with a dual-core processor. The new phone incorporates two 1GHz cores compared to single-core 1GHz processor used in many high-end phones. Without doubt, Atrix is an impressive device.

It is fancy and fast, equipped with an integrated fingerprint scanner on the Power button to protect it unauthorized access and data theft. It has an additional layer of protection, which requires users to input a PIN number.

It also has MOTOBLUR, which combine common social networks into one app. Users can also back up their data to the cloud and shred data remotely if the phone is stolen. Instead of becoming an advantage, this feature has caused some problems on many less powerful phones. If you have bad experiences with MOTOBLUR, you should use some free Launcher apps that are available in the Android market.

Atrix is just 14mm thick and among of its biggest appeal is an 11.6 display and a built-in keyboard that can turn it into a netbook-like device. Motorola calls the display as “Quarter High Definition” (960 X 540 pixels) or qHD, it might not be startling, but it is quite easy to read. In general, it offers the same number of pixels with the iPhone 4. Unfortunately, the rather unusual resolution may cause some problems with a number of existing Android apps. Unlike the Motorola Defy, Atrix doesn’t have the IP67 certification for water- and dust proofing, even so it is still equipped with the Gorilla Glass screen. The scratch- and shatter-proof display will withstand rough handling, like being carried in a pocket full of keys and coins.

The built-in keyboard draws power from a separate source, which won’t sap the phone’s main battery and it is rated for 8 hours of continuous use. This device supports USB devices and allows you to add gigabytes of additional storage from an external drive. You may need it as the phone has a relatively small internal storage (16GB) and the MicroSD card slot can only support up to 32GB card.

The powerful hardware will not only be useful crank up the graphic performance, it also allows you to play 1080p full-HD videos smoothly. Motorola promised that you’ll be able to play all kinds of video formats off the bat too, including DivX and XviD. This could be the most capable media center in an Android phone. Atrix is destined for those who seek for sheer power, if you want better photos and videos, you may need to look elsewhere.

The dual-core processor is powerful enough to let you use the computing features while making a call. The 1 GB of RAM is enough for reasonable multitasking. It supports 4G network, so it would be fast enough for demanding Internet requirements. Its cameras can take high definition videos. The front camera uses a 5-megapixel sensor, which can be considered as mediocre, other phones like Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and LG Optimus 2X already feature 8-megapixel cameras.

With such a power, it is natural to question its battery life. Luckily Android 2.2 can manage battery better than previous versions. To conserve power, the phone only uses one processor when the phone is idle or used for light tasks. The price still undisclosed and the phone will be released at AT&T before April this year.

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