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Today’s smartphones can help us do a lot—we can check email, scour the Internet, check our bank statements, keep a daily calendar—the list goes on and on.
Smartphones can cost a hefty amount of money, but paying this large fee up front can actually help save you money in the long run. Smartphones allow you to download apps, and there are plenty of apps available that can help decrease spending.


It seems like gas prices are skyrocketing out of control every other month. Being able to afford gas shouldn’t be a chore. When you’re constantly in search of the lowest gas prices, you could spend hours driving around trying to find it, which will just waste your money. The GasBuddy app will tell you where to find the lowest gas prices in your area. This way, you can head straight there without endlessly driving around.

Have you ever purchased something at one store and then found it significantly cheaper at another? iBarcode will help alleviate this problem. When you find an item you want to purchase, use the iBarcode app to scan the barcode. You will then be transferred to a list of stores in the general area that carry the same product, and you will be able to see how much each respective store is charging for that particular item. This way, you will always pay the cheapest price.

Do you have multiple membership reward or preferred cards to grocery stores, gas stations or other retail stores? If so, carrying around all the different cards can be a pain. You have to rummage through your wallet trying to find them, or if you forget them, you lose the sale price on an item. With CardBank, there is no more need to struggle with your cards. This app stores all of your information in one central location on your phone, and when you are at a store and you need your rewards card, simply use your phone. A barcode will appear on your screen, and you just scan it to receive your rewards.

The Cellfire app gives you access to coupons and discounts to restaurants, shopping, groceries and entertainment. Simply save the appropriate deals to your phone, and you will have the coupons and discounts stored right to your phone—no need to print or clip coupons.
iPhone Shopper

Have you ever gone to the grocery store with the intention of spending $50, but then you keep adding items to your cart, and by the time you walk out of the store, you’re $150 in the hole? The iPhone Shopper app allows you to track the amount of each item you place in your cart, so you have complete knowledge of how much your grocery bill will be when you check out.
Drink Specials

If you’re interested in finding the closest drink specials in your area, the Drink Specials app will help. It uses your current location and will show you restaurants and bars in your vicinity with the best drink specials. This will save you from overpriced beverages.
Meter Readings

This app allows you to keep track of how much energy you’re consuming. From water to electricity, you can keep track so you know if you need to cut back to save you from a surprisingly high bill.
Smartphones are remarkable creatures. They can help make your life easier, they can entertain you, and they can even save you money. Take advantage of these apps, and money will quickly stop disappearing out of your bank account.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru and internet expert who works as a consultant to telecommunications companies in the Las Vegas area. He is an avid writer and often utilizes the help of a grammar checker to instantly proof his work and save himself time. He has recently become involved in an entrepreneur network.

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