LED "Jumbotron" Displays


What is a “JumboTron” Television Display?

A “jumbotron” is an extremely large television screen. The original concept for this type of device was created and developed by Sony’s in-house technology professionals.

Despite Sony trade-marking the word “JumboTron”, it is used in everyday conversation to mean any large screen television display. The technology itself has been adopted by an assortment of technology-based firms. Today, large screen TVs are being produced by a huge variety of companies.

Origins of the “Jumbotron”

The original large screen display TVs were created using CRT (cathode-ray-tube) technology. The huge screens consisted of sixteen or more CRT modules, through which images were transmitted onto the screen.

Due to the sheer enormity of these screens, the resolution was quite low. Using CRT technology in the design of the jumbotron also resulted in a relatively short unit lifespan.

Enter LED Technology

As indicated above, the lifespan for CRT designed jumbotrons wash somewhat short. In addition to this problem facing the designers, the screen resolution was sub par.

LED technology was able to solve both these problems. LEDs have a very long lifespan. When installed in jumbotron TV displays, they can increase the lifetime of a unit by tenfold.

How LED Technology Works in “Jumbotrons”

Instead of using sixteen diodes to create the large display screen, LED jumbotrons are made up of millions of diodes. Using LED technology, designers are able to build enormous TV displays, which have high-resolution and are high-definition.

To create the high-resolution effect, some screens contain millions of LEDs allowing for images to be displayed at resolution levels as high as one thousand and eighty  pixels. This high quality resolution results in a much better viewing experience than in earlier jumbotron display models.

In order to obtain a higher degree of definition developers use the following methodology.  By arranging lines of blue and red or red and green LEDs, any given square of four LEDs will contain one green, one blue and two red LEDs. This configuration of LEDs facilitates a vibrant pixel display of high-resolution images.

LED Large Screen Benefits over Earlier Models

LED-based large screen television displays are up to three times brighter and clearer than earlier CRT-based models. They are also much more energy and cost-efficient. In addition to those benefits, LEDs are long lasting – thereby adding to the lower overall costs.

LED Jumbotrons Are Everywhere!

LED jumbotron units are used from concert venues to football stadiums to sides of buildings. LED technology permits for cheaper and quicker installation of large screen televisions.

Times Square in New York City boasts  several large screen displays. The largest screen, boasts over twelve million LEDs and is a massive seventeen thousand square-feet in size. This huge LED jumbotron weighs two hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

Large concert venues have also taken advantage of the LED large screen displays. Installing these units in performance arenas allows audiences to have access to close up images of performers in real time.

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