Add A Driver License Reader To Your Bar Or Liquor Store


Do you run a bar, restaurant or liquor store wherein you are required to check IDs? Are you still doing this manually? Then you are wasting time and taking a big risk. If someone were to to trick you with a fake ID when trying to buy alcohol or tobacco, you could be fined. You also may be putting your entire business in jeopardy, especially if it happens more than once.

What you need to do is invest in a driver license reader that will take all of the guesswork out of checking those IDs. Plus, it’s quite difficult for the average person to know how to tell if an American driver’s license is real or not considering that there are dozens of different licenses in the US. An ID scanner will come in very handy indeed as it will do all the work. When you have a scanner available, you won’t have to leaf through driver license identification books or take any chances by assuming that an ID is real when it may not be.

A driver license reader is easy to use. It works by scanning a license wherein the image and information is shown on the screen and put into a file. This type of ID scanner clearly displays the age of the person to make it easy for you to verify whether or not he or she is of the right age to purchase alcohol or tobacco from you.

The most affordable driver license reader scanners are handheld units which cost anywhere from $350 to $600. For around $1300, you can get an ID scanner that reads licenses from all 50 states as well as military IDs and licenses from most Canadian provinces. This type of device will come equipped with a customer visit counter, scan counter, scan log and customer lists you can transfer to your PC on a file.

A growing number of businesses today are investing in driver license scanners. When you invest a few hundred dollars in an ID scanner, you won’t have to lay awake at night wondering if you are going to be visited by the local police or get a letter from the liquor control board because you unwittingly sold alcohol or tobacco to a minor. You will be happy you invested in a driver license reader once you realize after a week or two just how many benefits you are receiving from your device that helps make doing your job easier.

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