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Celebrity tracking Service JustSpotted and Twitter Separated


Microblogging giant Twitter on Friday announced that they are cutting the chord of celebrity tracking platform JustSpotted off from Twitter. According to Twitter, they are cutting the chord of JustSpotted off from a series of “tweets” that may possibly be added up to give the whereabouts of the stars.

JustSpotted will initiate in the next week probably Tuesday and it will be launched with an online Map that precisely locates celebrity sightings and locations lively. It uses updates from social networking domains like Twitter, location based check-in facility like Four Square and Facebook.

JustSpotted if rightly said is a sort of reincarnation of the real time search platform Scoopler that has licensed a “fire hose” data feed and tracking of all the public feeds from microblogging website Twitter. A spokesperson in Twitter said that is not the service that Twitter has licensed and they have terminated their signed agreement. The spokesperson said that the microblogging website had no part in the development of JustSpotted.

The JustSpotted homepage yesterday featured a full fledge world atlas with all the icons marking locations where common users reported sighting of important folks that range from movie actors to people like U.S. President Barrack Obama and even influential spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama.

A message on the webpage of JustSpotted said that the service would be launched in within four days. AJ Saver who is the founder of JustSpotted and Chief executive of the service as well, said in a blog post that JustSpotted service explains, what the famous celebrity’s are up to and at what place they have been spotted last time.

The service also pledged to bring live feed and data about the celebrities and their activities. Some of the key features that JustSpotted is going to offer in this service include the likes of sifting through public twitter posts and comments about their activities. Although, some of the users have branded the service as potential safe haven for stalkers but JustSpotted has in a blog post tagged itself as “celebrity friendly” kind of a service. Stars according to JustSpotted can make use of this service to promote their messages and their mindsets to the public.

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