Keep Your Business Safe Online With The Right Programs and Practices


With increasing numbers of businesses, large and small, turning to the web, internet security has become one of today’s most vital issues. To protect your company, you need to invest in solid security technology, certainly. However, you also must set best practices in place, and make sure that all of your employees know them and understand why they need to follow them. If they do not, sensitive data, company resources, and ultimately your company itself could be at great risk.

Keep Your Business Safe Online With The Right Programs and Practices

Safety Technology

Software programs designed to protect your company’s data include some of the widest known technologies. They include antivirus and antimalware programs, firewalls, entire security packages for safe online access and traffic, and virtual private networks, or VPNs. Safety technology comes in many configurations for almost all needs and budgets. Free programs are not recommended for business usage, where you need more aggressive protection against increasingly malicious internet threats. Once you have your system protected with the right software, your next step is to educate your employees about safety protocols.

Develop Strong Passwords

Powerful passwords are short sentences that are at least 12 characters long. Focus on positive ideas that you like to think about, such as “I like classical music.” Some sites allow you to use spaces. In addition, have a separate password for every account, and enable two-step authentication.

Keep it Clean

Make and enforce clear rules for what employees can install and keep on their work computers. Outside programs can introduce vulnerabilities in your network. Make sure all employees know and abide by these rules.

Throw it Out

Your employees should know to never open suspicious links, even if they think they know the source. Install spam filters, and make sure employees know how to use them.

Back Up

Set company computers to back up work and documents automatically. However, you still need to have employees save their own work. Make your back-up policy clear. Taking time to establish best practices for saving company documents and work is not time-consuming, but it could save you hours of grief and worry.

Making Informed Choices

Deciding on the right safety technology may seem confusing. Which protections do you need? Which ones are best? Are VPNs necessary? Luckily, there is a vast amount of information from reputable sources available online to help you make your choices. For example, one such resource is, which offers reviews of the most common VPNs on the market today.

Keeping your company network safe is good business. The right technology, clear company policies, and employee training are the keys to staying safe online. With these measures in place, you can focus on growing your business.

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