The JVC KW-NT3HDT is an impressive set that is different from other sets because of its attractive features including the HD Radio and traffic data. Although there are a few hardware and software twists in this set but it is surely worth a purchase.

The JVC KW-NT3HDT has the HD radio in it which makes it appropriately advantageous for digital FM tuning, enhanced audio quality, HD substations and iTunes tagging. The set also has a number of audio sources such as an SD card, USB, Bluetooth streaming and a CD/DVD playback. The hands-free call quality of this set is also very good. Other than that the GPS reception of the set is improved by a three axis gyro and a fast pulse sensor.

Alongwith good points of this set, you will find bad points in it too such as its display being a bit low in resolution as per taste of users. Other than that the POI search interface of the set is bulky and non-instinctive. Also the USB port cover of the set looks needless and is difficult to eliminate.

Installation and Design

The face of the JVC KW is covered by a 6.1 inch capacitive touch screen and the resolution though unpublished is figured out to be almost 480 x 234 pixels. The touch being resistive needs the user to be a little strong when pressing the screen but it is quite responsive if you have become used to put the right amount of force when pressing it. Beyond the screen you will find a space for a single disk CD/DVD drive whereas on the left side of the screen is a slim upright row having some physical panels such as a volume knob. Other than the volume knob you will find an eject button, map/audio control genre toggle and an audio source selection. The physical panels are complimented by the RGB values through color illumination. The base provides an analog audio jack and a USB port padded by a plastic protection. USB supports mass storage and Apple inputs. The front unit has a detach trigger that makes the screen face to pop off and removed for security which is not a mainstream feature in many car audio systems. The face plate panel is an inch thick and easily fits into a soft case provided with it to protect it. Just behind the screen is also an SD card support which inevitably increases audio input options. After the conventional, fundamental circuits to be taken care of, other connectivity options include audio video connections for a rearview camera, external monitor attachment jack, rear seat entertainment systems, and steering wheel control panel connections. Other than JVC being a 4 channel RCA alongwith a support for woofer and amplifiers, it also has pigtails for parking brake sensor, reverse gear sensor, speed limit alert sensor, GPS antenna.


HD radio receiver is the highlight of the JVC KW-NT3HDT, thanks to its excellent receiving capabilities, with increased audio quality, enhanced station info and songs id3 tags and metadata. It equally works as an audio source and a vessel for navigation system. When played with Apple Systems, the HD radio attaches iTunes tag to play a song. The HD radio receiver also serves as a receiver for traffic network data service, provided such services are available in your country. JVC comes with a lifetime subscription of Traffic Network.

Bluetooth connectivity is also another feature that JVC is equipped with, any hand held devices with Bluetooth media support acts as a source of input for the JVC. It has its own unique PIN code and has a compatibility with almost all wireless profiles. The device also supports Object push and downloads all your phonebook and whenever you get a call, JVC alerts you in the sweetest way possible depending on your car sound acoustics.

JVC also supports playback on USB connection for mass storage devices, it is compatible with almost every format in use including MP3, WMA. The JVC also features a navigation system which is pretty accurate and is synced with the Traffic Control Network Services. Other than that it broadcasts news, updates about sports and the happenings in the places you roam into. The navigation system comes with a street addressing interface and works perfectly well. The navigation system controls are very simple and user friendly.

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