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With the growth of internet and website usage the world over, web development has taken the center-stage in the whole scheme of things. Indeed web development is a much sort after skill and web developers earn good income. For those looking to cut it in this industry can benefit greatly by acquitting themselves with the following crucial web development skills. They are discussed below;

1. Flash and ActionScript – Flash (or Adobe Flash) is an environment that makes it possible for you to develop tremendous visual presentations for your website. ActionScript on its part is a form of scripting language aimed at giving interactivity to the presentations from Flash. These skills are vital as they will enable you to create unique and dynamic applications that are marketable due to their interactivity. For optimal results you should supplement these skills with PhotoShop, CSS and other design skills.

2. Java – Java can be defined as a portable programming language that is useful to both the server and client sides of web application. One vital advantage of Java -over other specialized languages- is that it is a versatile language and can be used in varying contexts. This crucial as you can be able to switch to another programming career.

3. JavaScript and Ajax -JavaScript is a famed client-oriented scripting language while Ajax is a web development application that mixes XML and Asynchronous JavaScript, it was popularized in 2005 by Google. JavaScript skill is important as it is the most popular of all such techniques and banks on a massive browser supports well as being a vital cog in web techniques like Ajax and DHTML. Indeed, together with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is one web development that any web developer cannot thrive without. Ajax on its part will aid you to develop faster, interactive and better applications and web pages.

4. PHP – This is a server programming language that is quite popular with users. This open source language is particularly common with web startups as their anchor for server scripting and applications. This application is important for loved web frameworks like; osCommerce, PHPbb, MediaWiki and WordPress and boasts of a big open source developers community in its armor. Having PHP skill will hold you in good stead when dealing with general web development, especially in Linus.

5. Python – This is a high standard simplistic general programming language. One thing with this application is that it is surprisingly easy to master and use, even for novices. Those who learn it can be comfortable in a web design office.

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