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There are some steps you need to follow when you are about to implement your software engineering skills and software testing is one of them. I have been project manager to implement Enterprise Resource Planning in spinning mill and personally I can say that each and every principal of software engineering owns an importance.

You are about to analyze, you will need to take care of each and every factor, you are about to design, you will need to take care of development and user requirements. You will need to take care of your resources during development phase. You need to go through software testing process for successful implementation of your product. Personally, I think development and implementation are one of those jobs if done successfully will lead you towards success else can lead you towards a real failure.

Since 5-6 years I am seriously noticing that era of software and the way they are tested has been changed. In past you need to validate the product whether it is working as per the requirements, but now day’s requirements for software testing have been changed to next step. Now days you need to test the product in different given environments which can depend platform or device.

Software testing process is set to many repeat levels on different factors, platform versions, browser versions and such kind of software testing requires well defined time frame, availability of resources like test engineers, devices and labs.

Testing-as-a-Service which is most of the times written as TaaS is one of the well-known terminologies used among the industry. In simple words we can refer every software testing services provided to client by any software testing company to TaaS. Each and every company offering software testing services should have at least a single version of TaaS. On the other hand there are lots of versions for TaaS available in Industry.

A software testing company specializes in selected software testing services to provide TaaS and also sets a software testing environment to provide the vendor with valuable testing services. There are some other critical factors as well to provide TaaS like training and knowledge management. The core objective is to provide TaaS with quality and without any delay.

There are lots of benefits associated with TaaS and some of them are listed below:

  • Flexibility and Freedom
  • Quicker Time to Market
  • Achievement of Depth and Coverage

Even TaaS is facing some issues at its initial stage, but I am sure soon TaaS will be a role model for testing services for all the software testing companies.

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