HP Pavilion dv6-3013nr – The Futuristic Laptop with a Sleep Design


HP Pavilion dv6-3013nr – The Futuristic Laptop with a Sleep Design

The HP Pavilion 3013nr is designed to meet the needs of futuristic laptop movers. They have got additional features that could make person to go in for them in the first place. With a very good battery life, the laptop provides the maximum backup for the laptop to run, when it’s out of charge. It comes in magnificent 15.6 inch monitor with a sleek design. They are comparatively light weight and come in aluminum finish metallic shades. With an speedy Intel core processor and well designed keypad, it is one the best laptops that is available in most of the HP retail outlets.

They have got facilities for data card reader and for the USBs as well. With an elegant style and a linearly arranged key board, they offer a clean space for handling the laptop. With a multiple triple core processor, they are highly efficient in processing and storing information with a 1.25 memory stick. Not many laptops provide such an offer. The only laptops that come with such a facility is that of the HP Pavilion -3013nr and they have a list of features that have been modified and taken to the next level of scientific revolution.

With a 320 GB, the HP Pavilion -3013nr offers a variety of applications that can be configured on the laptop. It offers a 62 bit operating windows and can be connected to the HDTV for better viewing performances. It has a memory card reader that can store a lot of information and can be transferred at a faster rate to any other source. There are ports for Ethernet connection and for video output. They also come with a sound bass system for those who prefer to listen to music with a sound output chord.

The HP Pavilion dv6-3013nr is available in a bright range of aluminum finish. Being a 15.6 inch monitor, the laptop is preferred by all and has so far got a better rating by all consumers. They have an extended warranty of one year with early bird offers. The laptop can be bought online as well as from HP outlets at competitive prices. They are worth the money and those investing for the long term would definitely love to own one. With notable features, and interesting design the laptop is best bought from a genuine HP dealer with a proper guarantee and that would take care of the servicing as well.

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