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How To Use Foursquare To Save On Dining


Foursquare is an app that is quickly gaining in popularity – and for good reason. This app not only allows users to check in, find friends, earn points and become the mayor of different places and events, it gives them tips and deals about each place listed. Foursquare is an ideal way to keep connected with friends, but it can also give users tips on how to save money when looking for a place to dine out.

One of the ways to save money on dining with Foursquare is to read the tips left by other visitors. These will provide insight on everything from the clientele, busiest times, favorite staff members, what foods to get or avoid, and restaurant specials. Relying on the past experiences of others can help Foursquare users make better decisions about the places that they will potentially be going to eat. Rather than waste time going to a restaurant that advertises deals but does not provide quality food or drink, potential diners can make informed decisions and choose a place that they are sure to enjoy.

Discounts for check-ins
Many venues even have specials for those with frequent check ins, those that hold down the title of Mayor, or just for checking in for the first time. Some potential specials for Foursquare users include free appetizers and desserts, a percentage off of the total bill, or even buy one get one free offers. As this application gains popularity, many the restaurants are using it to their advantage, as well as to promote special dishes or new menu items.

Another option offered by Foursquare is the ability to explore an area by category. From coffee shops and bars to gourmet dining options, users can fully analyze the area that they are in before making a dining decision. This may not give a user the full rundown of all specials or deals available, but it will allow them to see each restaurant in an area, as well as what has been said about them. Rather than selecting a more expensive sit down restaurant, this option will show users the smaller “mom and pop” locations, as well as local favorites that may be unique to a specific place.

Foursquare’s growing popularity has allowed many restaurants to utilize the application to their advantage. Not only will a large number of check-ins by varied guests signify that it is a popular place to eat, positive comments, tips and pictures will reinforce it. By offering specials to users of the application, restaurants are letting their guests know that they are not just keeping up with the times, they are using them to their advantage – and to the guest’s benefit.

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