Levono IdeaPad Y460 Review


Levono IdeaPad Y460 Review

The levono Y460 is a powerful laptop that consumes energy in big proposions. It provides relative flexibility that comes at the cost of a low battery life and a $1190 dent in your war chest. The machine is also suprisingly light considering its package. It perfectly comforms to Levono’s usual styling for this range of products, that of chic laptops with big hinges.

The Y460 comes loaded with a powerful Core i5 520M processor that spins at a top speed of 2400MHz. You will also get an installed memory of 4 GB DDR3 with a memory speed of 1066 MHz. Also in its arsenal is a 500 GB hard drive that moves at a rocket -fast speed of 5400 rpm. Added to the one hard drive are other storage facilities, namely; the memory stick and XD -picture card. Levono also throws in a 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon High Difinition 5650 graghics card that that will give you plenty of graphical power. It comes in handy when playing video games or watching movies on the fourteen inch, 1366 by 768 pixel native resolution screen.

The Y460 uses the 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition that provide quality power. Its software suite also comes with Adobe Reader 9, Cyberlink Youcam, Power2Go, MediaShow and ooVoo. The shipment will also come with embedded stereo speakers, microphone and Webcam, not to mention keypad light. There is also 802. 11 n/b/g wireless Wi -fi for networking, bundled with Bluetooth. You will also appreciate three USB ports, a VGA out, HDMI input, an ethernet port and eSATA, while cursing at the absence of the increasingly must -have Blue -ray player.

The Levono Y460 fires on all the cylinders, at the cost of a low battery longevity, as it stops the clock after a mere four hour of running. But it is all worth- it as atested by its solid score of 106 on the WorldBench testing. It measures a width of 13.4 inches, 9.2 inches depth and a modest height of 1.4 inches. It will tip the scale at a partry five pounds, a figure that moves north when the device is fully ensuite.

The keyboard is nice to print on with its user -friendly keys and good feedback mechanisms. But the decision to put the “Function” key out of the “Control” button was not prudent. The touch -responsive controls above the keyboard are eye candies that work with relative ease. Add to that a track pad that offers superb responsiveness and multitouch, and you have a good deal.

The Levono Y460 is a lovely laptop that is, with power and flexibility vouching for it, a good bargain. But its princely price tag of $1199 is certainly not for the flingy.

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