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How to use Facebook to get Traffic to your Blog


How to use Facebook to get Traffic to your Blog

Let’s face it. We sure envy those bloggers whose blogs seemed to attract hundreds if not thousands of viewers all over the world. Well, at least a lot of readers tell me that they do. And the next question they usually ask is what they can do to improve their own blog’s popularity.

Well, there are many ways. Blog hopping would be one. You can leave comments on other blogs and hoping or even requesting outright, (which I see a lot of bloggers tend to do so nowadays) for the other blog owner to return the visit. The downside is that it’s too time consuming and more often than not, these will only generate short term curiosity clicks, unless you have a great blog that’s of interest to them.

Alternatively, you can make use of Facebook to promote your blog. Facebook, in case you had been stranded at some deserted island for the past few years, is a social networking website that’s fast becoming THE most frequented networking site. Promoting your blog through Facebook is actually pretty simple. And because I’m such a nice gal, I’ll share them with you. Here are a few tips on how to use Facebook to get traffic to your blog.

Update your Facebook profile

Yes, this is obvious but please do fill in all the relevant information in your profile, especially your blog’s address! Remember to update your profile regularly. Share your education background, working experiences and “interests” particularly if these can help promote your blog. Give your Facebook friends the impression that you are an expert in the area that your blog is projecting you. You can also include your blog link on the side bar of your Facebook’s landing page. At the same time, it helps to include a link to your Facebook profile in your blog’s sidebar too.

Add Lots of Friends

Find as many friends as you can. When you run out of real life friends, try adding your friends’ friends and their friends. Or if you have a blog about a certain topic or interest eg photography, you can always join such groups and add the members as friends. The more you send such friend request, the more chances you have of getting a “yes”. You will be amazed how many strangers will add you as their friends. I was!

Build a “relationship” with your friends

Do build relationships with your friends by acknowledging them through answering their comments or questions to your updates, join in discussions, visit your friends’ pages and leave meaningful comments. This way, they will see that it’s a 2-way “relationship”.

Get people to “like” you and be a “fan”. This little button is not to be underestimated. It’s like once in awhile, you can throw in some treats or rewards or promotions as a thank you gesture as well as to give your friends a reason for returning to your Facebook or blog. If money is not an issue, you could even give a few friends T-shirts or mugs with your Facebook profile imprinted on it and with the words “As Seen on Facebook”!!

Update more Regularly

Regularly post “updates” in your Facebook especially when you have a new blog post. Humans are curious creatures. They will check it out and if they like it, they will willingly help you to promote it by liking you or linking to you. News spreads fast in Facebook. Imagine how fast and far this will take you.

Tempt them to visit your blog with leading questions. For instance, update your “status” with “Want to know how to increase traffic to your blog? Learn how at www.yourblogname.com”. But please, don’t post just about anything. Good quality and interesting posts are a pre-requisite. And you need to post regularly. That will attract readers to re-visit your blog.

So there you go, a few simple steps you can easily use in order to increase your blog’s traffic through Facebook. Give it a try and start generating more readers to your blog.

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  1. I have been looking for a well detailed idea on how to drive traffic to my new blog for sometime now and I have to say that this post has been very very useful. I hope this will help me get more traffic to my blog as i can’t wait to implement these tips. Thanks a million for this great post!

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