How to Run a Successful Tech Company in the UK


Success in tech can happen anywhere — not just in Silicon Valley, California. If you want to start a successful tech company in the United Kingdom, you can absolutely execute just as well as any other company.

One benefit of technology is that it has the ability to connect consumers with advertisements and businesses through the internet and their phones, which means there are some specific strategies you’ll need to consider. Here are some tips for running a successful UK company:

Build a global team of creatives and developers

You can be a tech company anywhere and you can employ anyone from anywhere. In this day and age, it’s more about having the right people on your team and less about geographic location. Only selecting candidates from your area limits your resources and your ability to reach a broader crowd.

When looking for employees, post on job sites under the description “remote”. The odds are higher that you will attract talent from all different areas of the world with different cultures and outlooks. This can be a powerful asset for any tech team.

Having the most talented developers is important as well. You need app developers and web developers to make sure your tech company looks and works its best. A way to start finding the best developers is recruiting from top computer programming schools.

Have a killer IT team

Finding the best IT support in London in essential to making sure you’re protected and ready for anything. This could even mean outsourcing an IT team. Many larger tech companies find outsourced IT experts to be easier to use, less expensive, and just as effective as an in-house IT department. Having an outsourced IT department is a good place to start when establishing your company in a smaller town.

IT support is especially great if your product involves complicated software or fancy gadgetry. Having people who can help customers and even your company solve issues is essential to a smoothly running company. When looking for the head of your IT department, interview wisely and find someone with an established plan.

Think outside of the box

If anything has been proven in major cities, it is that a little fun is good sometimes — even in the workplace. Have a space for your coworkers and employees where they can relax during breaks and sit and enjoy a view on a terrace. A company’s environment plays a huge role in its morale during business hours. People want to work for innovative tech companies that care about their atmosphere.

A fun-loving space is sure to attract top talent and young people who are eager to learn. Some more traditional companies think this might be a waste of space, but tech companies all over are proving that it isn’t the case. Companies like Buzzfeed really go all out, but it doesn’t have to get that wild.

Start with having an interior designer pick the art and furniture of the office. Then, think about things you value and want your employees to be apart of. This could be a bring-your-dog-to-work day on Fridays or drinks on the terrace every Monday evening.

Starting at tech company in the UK is like starting it anywhere. There are a few things that are necessary to ensuring that operations of a tech business go well, as well as the atmosphere. Open up an office and make the most of your techie dreams with these keys to success.

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