How To Protect Your Computer From Online Attacks


Every computer that has access to the internet is susceptible to be effected with virus and malicious code. If the computer is not well protected the resources of the computer will be accessed in an unauthorized manner. The data present on your computer will be at risk if sufficient preventive measures are not taken. In addition to serious hackers and unethical advertising agencies, amateurs also can pose potential threat to your online presence. A wealth of information is available to tweak and trick on the internet to get access to computers and networks in unauthorized ways. The overall performance of the computer will come down when it is affected by the virus.

online attacks

Forms of infection

Viruses are transmitted through websites, email attachments and when you download and install applications. Virus files will hide inside your computer posing as genuine files. Unless you install first-class virus detecting software it is not possible to remove them from your computer. They will not only damage your computer’s resources but also spread from one computer to another computer. Spyware is a type of malicious software that collects users’ information without their express permission. Keylogger is one of such kind of spyware which might be installed in shared networks to spy users’ online activities on 24/7 basis. Worms may intrude unprotected computers on the internet. These worms replicate the data automatically filling the memory with unwanted stuff. It is also possible to send unsolicited messages to the contact list of your email accounts without your knowledge.

Means of infection

Your website might be hijacked by hackers. Once hackers take control of your system and website, they can delete the information and will be able to modify the information present on your website without your knowledge. It is possible to deploy cookies in your computer without your knowledge. Cookies will collect your information and pass on those who deployed into your computer. When you download files and install downloaded software on your computer, it might be infected with malicious code. Email attachments are a great source through which virus may enter into your computer. If you are receiving email attachments from unknown people you should not open the same. The ads present on some websites are great carriers of the virus.

Effective solutions

In order to protect your computer from virus infection you should install efficient anti-virus software in the computer. The anti-virus should be updated at regular intervals so that it can catch all the latest ways of attacks on your computer. You should select settings in the software so that the software will scan the computer automatically are regular intervals of time. The firewall in your computer should be switched on. This will prevent obstruction for unwanted intrusion attempts into your computer. In addition to the firewall that comes with an operating system you can also consider third party firewall to get additional protection. Zonealarm is one of the best free firewalls.

You should install applications and software from only trusted source (reputed company). Your operating system should be updated at regular intervals of time. This will help you catch the latest malware prevalent in the online world. You are advised to protect your computer with strong passwords. Admin password, wireless network password and all passwords to access various secured websites should be hard to guess and they should be changed at frequent intervals. You should keep away from unpopular websites. Some websites mimics the appearance of popular sites like eBay and Amazon. You should not reveal your personal or financial information on suspicious websites. You should be able to heed alerts and advice offered by your anti-virus and other protection software. When you are not using the computer for a long time, it is advisable to disconnect your internet connection. An idle computer on the World Wide Web is more likely to be attacked than an active computer. You should also install the latest version of web browser and should update it at regular intervals of time. The latest version will contain security fixes which will protect your computer and your online privacy. It is always advisable to have a firm backup of your data. Valuable data can be lost not only due to virus attacks but also due to sudden power surge in your computer.


Installation of the latest version of an efficient antivirus software and renewal of virus definitions at regular intervals is very important. By taking the above mentioned precautions you will be able to safeguard your computer. You can surf the web and perform various tasks through online.

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