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YouTube is a great place to listen to new music and discover new artists. However, sometimes finding music by the artists featured in YouTube videos can be hard, especially if you don’t have an iTunes account, or the artist doesn’t have their songs available on iTunes. There are ways that you can download the audio from YouTube videos, which means you can enjoy the songs you love online, even offline.

There are many sites available on the web that will allow you to convert a YouTube to mp3 that you can download and put on your phone or your mp3 player. These websites are completely free to use and can download any audio from any YouTube video quickly and efficiently. One example of such a website is

These websites work by originally downloading the video from YouTube. YouTube videos are encoded in the .FLV format for easy web consumption. FLV format has two channels, one for audio and one for video. This separation of channels in the file format is what makes it so easy to rip the audio straight from the YouTube video. These sites simply take the audio channel and record it as an .mp3 file and make this audio available for you to download.

The downside of this service is that the quality of the .mp3 file generated by the service depends highly upon the quality of the video. In order to get the highest quality .mp3 download from using services like this, you will need to find a video on YouTube that has high quality audio. Any problems in the audio that are apparent in the video will also be apparent in the generated .mp3 file, so keep this in mind when converting.

So what can you do with the files you convert using YouTube to mp3 technology? There are plenty of uses. One of the best is making ringtones for your phone. This is especially handy for songs that cannot be found anywhere, or for clips that are popular from popular YouTube videos such as Keyboard Cat and Charlie Bit Me. By cutting the audio from these videos, you can use it as a ringtone that no one else will have since the audio is not available for download anywhere else.

Overall, getting audio from a YouTube video is a fairly simple process. You can perform the process as many times as you like, so if you have a YouTube video that you love, use a converter to convert YouTube audio to mp3 so you can take the audio with you no matter where you are.

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