How To Do E-mail Marketing Without Being Blacklisted As Spammer?


How To Do E-mail Marketing Without Being Blacklisted As Spammer?E-mail marketing is an effective way to raise awareness about your products and services among the audience. Pick e-mail database from relevant resources so that you are likely to communicate with a potential audience who would be interested in your products and services. If you think your business would require e-mail marketing, it is wise to be conscious from the beginning when you are going to launch your business website. With a cheap SSD hosting service, you can get many fast-performing e-mail accounts.

E-mail marketing has been beneficial for many online and offline companies. The only serious risk in e-mail marketing is fear of being blacklisted by the e-mail providers. Here are some tips that will help you in executing e-mail campaign successfully without being black listed as spammer.

Tips for White Label E-mail Marketing:

  • Create your own e-mail database: Try to build your own e-mail database so that you get genuine e-mail ids of the potential customers. You can build message form or personal information form on your main website and encourage visitors to provide their contact details including e-mail id. In this way, you can create your own database of potential customers.
  • Delete unavailable e-mail ids from the database: In order to not get blacklisted by the e-mail service providers, you must regularly review your database and delete unused or not available e-mail ids.
  • Enhance your brand reputation: Generally, e-mail providers put the names of those domains and companies in black list, which are not recognizable and seem to be engaged in mysterious activities. Try to enhance your brand reputation so that e-mail ids linked with your domain name could be recognized by the e-mail providers and are not blacklisted.
  • Control your e-mail behaviour: You can use e-mails ids having the domain name of your company for e-mail marketing but you have to control your e-mail marketing behaviour. Do not send millions of mails at a time as this activity will bring you under the notice of e-mail providers. However, you can send hundreds of e-mails at a time without any fear.
  • Try to establish a good relationship with audience: Do not irritate audience with frequent e-mails or else they will unsubscribe from your mailing list. You may have to bear serious consequences if a large number of people flag your e-mail id as spam. If an e-mail provider receives a large number of spam complaints from users regarding your e-mail id, the provider will not take time to blacklist your e-mail id.
  • Avoid using spam words: Do not use words giving a spam like feel in your subject line and e-mail content. The subject lines and contents like ‘You won a lottery’, ‘You got a cheque’ and various such things are suspicious e-mailing activities, which irritate audience and compel e-mail providers to put the used e-mail id in blacklist.
  • Use Standard e-mail templates: Always use standard e-mail template so that your e-mail does not look like spam. Avoid using large images in your content.

Selecting a suitable hosting plan, you can get many e-mail accounts that you can use for e-mail marketing without being blacklisted. You can run e-mail campaigns using shared hosting, VPS, UK Dedicated Servers Windows & Linux Servers.

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