How To Cut Your Overheads With An Effective Building Energy Management System


Energy optimisation isn’t simply a matter of turning off the lights when nobody’s in the room. Technology has now developed to a degree which facilitates managing your premises’ entire energy consumption off site using advanced IT-solutions. With effective building energy management, you can control which devices in a building are switched on or off 24/7, which will help you save on expensive energy costs.

Multiple benefits?
It’s no secret that energy prices increase constantly, energy resources are scarcer, and environmental issues are taken ever more seriously. Demands on energy saving measures will undoubtedly become even stricter in the near future. Therefore, a building energy management system serves more purpose – you can cut your own overheads and contribute to both the protection of our energy resources and the environment. Constant indoor climate control and the monitoring of energy consumption contribute to both low energy expenditures and the well-being of your employees.

Regardless of the line of your business, different demands will present themselves in different areas. Some places are full of office workers, and they need comfortable work conditions such as heating and ventilation. On the other hand you might have empty rooms overnight and on weekends, or storage facilities that need a constant, low temperature, or research facilities that require certain humidity/temperature levels. The ideal building energy management system would be a centralised energy control and management system. This system has been tested and approved as an energy management system in various different business areas such as leading hotel chains, in food production industries, stores, sporting facilities and even in highly sensitive settings such as hospitals and pharmaceutical institutions.

Tailor-made solutions?
All of the above can only be made possible with a building energy management system tailored to your needs. Once installed, the system will carry out its functions day in and day out, year after year. If your needs change in the future, the system can always be updated to adjust to changing circumstances.

The system will in most cases be compatible with your own IT-system with the addition of certain software, and suppliers will offer necessary training for employees operating your company’s energy management system.

Building Energy Management systems can be made compatible with your own IT-systems by the addition of software to adapt the product. Any office, factory, hospital or large public building is potentially losing money by not having one of these systems installed. Saving money using Building Energy Management, will not only help reduce carbon emissions, but will free up money which could be put to other uses.

Alastair Kane is a freelance writer and supplied this article for Trend Controls, a firm based in the UK which manufactures building management systems

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