Machines: An Evolution In Precision Engineering


Since the industrial revolution, British engineering has gone on in leaps and bounds and new developments are constantly happening in order to keep up with our 21st century demands. In this technological age and with the current climate, there is no room for mistakes and productivity needs to be at its highest so that this great industry that our country was built on can continue to thrive.

With this being the case, the field of engineering has had to rely on itself to come up with new ways of improving the machines that are used on a daily basis so that they can keep up with today’s demands. With CNC turning machines such as the XYZ Turning Centre Compact Turn 52, you can continue to move your own business forward by taking advantage of opportunities you couldn’t before. Here’s some of the ways that these machines can help your engineering business expand in the 21st century.

Be Productive

It may be sad that thousands of people all over the country are losing their jobs and being replaced by machines but the fact is; our mechanical counterparts are always going to be more productive than us.

However, these CNC turning machines are more productive than even the machines you may be using at the moment. With a bar feed allowing for longer production turning volumes and production speeds that no human being can match; your productivity is sure to be sky high.

Precision Equals Profit

In the industrial engineering industry there is little margin for mistakes but with these precision turning machines as you can eliminate the natural occurrence of human error. A lot of material and therefore money is lost through waste created by pieces being cut to the wrong measurements or extreme volumes of offcuts. However, that can be a thing of the past with the accuracy of these machines taking to a new plain of exactitude.

Profits will also be increased by the fact that these machines do not demand a high salary and do not require regular training in order to maintain their skill level. Similarly, machines are workaholics. They don’t stop for lunch or a break, they don’t get tired and they are happy to work for as long as the job takes.

There may be that initial cost to install the machine but think of this as an investment. From then on there will just be the overheads and minor maintenance to take care off. You can also rent one of these machines or sub contract out the work to a company using them if you are not sure you can afford the initial pay-out.

A Need For Evolution

With the current economic climate being the way it is, you cannot afford to be turning away valuable custom; especially if there is the possibility of a lucrative contract. Industries such as the medical field are always wary about contracting out their engineering work because they have requirements that can only be met by certain businesses.

Due to their increased precision and ability to deal with materials of a much higher tensile, having the use of CNC turning machines will mean you are able to meet these strict stipulations and thus expand the level of clientele you can reach out to.

The ability to turn out precision engineered parts at a high rate will also mean you will be top of the list of any prospected clients who are willing to pay good money for the work to be done exactly how they want it. This is something that is sure to be priceless when it comes to expanding your business.

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This article is written by Chris Mayhew on behalf of Griffiths Engineering. They are an engineering company who use state of the art machinery to manufacture work that is subcontracted to them. This enables them to reach a previously unimaginable level of precision and productivity.

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