How Megaphones Make The World A Better Place


Megaphones and Bullhorns are used by the US military throughout all the branches of service. They are used by schools, churches, and NASA even uses them when they want to be heard. Megaphones are used to amplify the human voice so that important information can be disseminated among crowds when loud speakers are not available.

These devices are not a recent invention either. Some form of megaphone has been in use for thousands of years. The first recorded use was by the Greek thespians during the 6th century B.C as part of their costumes. Masks had conical mouthpieces that acted to make their voices carry farther.

There are a wide variety of megaphones and bullhorns today. It is not unusual to see a simple megaphone used at sporting events. Cheerleaders use them to encourage team spirit at football and other games. However, it is the powered bullhorns that are used more seriously. Remember the scene among the World Trade Center rubble where President Bush was emphatic about finding the terrorists? That was a bullhorn he used to be heard throughout the area.

Megaphones and Bullhorns are economical to purchase, and they are compact enough to carry wherever you need them. Don’t let appearances deceive you though, because the power behind these simple machines helps your voice to penetrate the noise inherent with construction sites, police stations, and busy malls.

Bullhorns are used to increase the efficiency of speakers in various types of settings.

Though the concept behind these horns has been used in musical instruments for hundreds of years, it is the modern megaphones and bullhorns that create the loudest unforgettable tones.

Outside events are the typical situation where megaphones & bullhorns are most often utilized. Events held in an outdoor area where loud noises from vehicles, live music, crowds, and playing children are perfect arena for megaphone use.

Choosing the right instrument for your purposes is always recommended.

For instance, if you are taking a bus load of kids on a field trip where none of them will be further away from you or your helpers than 50 feet, there is no need to take along a bullhorn that reaches as far as 1000 yards.

When buying a megaphone it is critical that you take the time to shop around so that you locate one that meets your needs while not experiencing overkill. Price is always part of the equation, and by taking the time to look at different models and price ranges you will find on the suits you and your purposes.

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