Home Theater Speakers by Orb


Home Theater Speakers by Orb

Small Review:

This is one of those brands that you can get away with buying (because they are new and haven’t established themselves quite yet) for under a thousand $1,000 USD. You will be happy with the quality you get from them as well.

The Add-Ons:

  • A subwoofer that is powered by super eight
  • You can use multiple Mod1 satellites
  • If you already have a nice setup, you can just put these on as additions

The Upside:

  • Unprecedented clarity
  • Bass is good and not over the top
  • You get what you pay for

The Downside:

  • If you have more than one, the wiring can get a bit confusing
  • Since these are a bit cheaper than most, they won’t sound as good as most

The Main Squeeze:

Sound is not something I am going to put a loan out on. I like a good setup, but I also want to look for the best bang for my buck. You also have to realize that speakers for home audio can run so high for good quality sound, that it seems like all of the other low-end speakers’ just sound horrible. That’s exactly why I thought these Orb’s were going to be doomed from the start as failures.

Sometimes you have to let speakers play for a while to warm them up for a test run, so I did that for a while and then I sat down to finally test them out and I was really happy with what I got out of them. They sounded awesome!

You kind of get to mix and match specifically what you want and want you need for your specific systems with these satellites. You also have a subwoofer with it. I was really impressed with the Super Eight subwoofer because of its 400 W of small-room power. It didn’t sound overly bassy either. It sounded just right.

Retailed at about $800 USD, you can get 5-speakers for a full setup in your home or you can go up two steps to $1000 USD and then $1100 USD for additional hardware and speakers. I liked the fact that you could always be upgrading your systems with what you get from these Orbs; you can just keep going because they’re stackable.

I go the best clarity when people talked in movies. It was nice I didn’t get any other background noises meshed in with their voices, because that tends to be one of my issues I’m always having with home setup speakers. You can understand what you’re hearing when you hear it.

The subwoofer wasn’t overwhelming and it didn’t make me feel like I was going to throw up throughout an entire movie. I actually was in want of a little bit more so I had to pump up the bass just a bit.

Listening to audio in musical form was also very rewarding. I chose a very eclectic choice of music to listen and let myself get caught totally up in these speakers.

When I finally got around to comparing these speakers with my won set, there was a little bit more clarity with mine, but not too much of a difference that would make me shun of this product.

I know a lot of people are going to find these Orb’s stacking ability as very easy on their wallet and allows getting enough use as they want to get out of the system. What I don’t think they will like is what a pain the wiring is when you end up stacking them together. I like the whole idea, but I think when you get to the wiring stages, it should be made to be a little easier for consumers to do themselves.

One way to buy them is directly from Orb themselves because you can’t really get them at a regular marketed electronic store. They are a new company and are trying to get the word out that they are here and they have something good to offer everyone.

What I Conclude:

Those of us looking for a deal and know we can somehow get something better than just mediocre have that option with these speakers from Orb. Orb also wants to push customizations for home theater systems out there to public as well. There’s nothing worse than getting a home theater system that doesn’t have the dynamic you need for your own home.

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