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There’s nothing at all dull about Dimdim; Dimdim 5.5. is the most recent offering from an institution whose focus is improving and helping meeting experiences online.  It’s a very forward thinking solution, which combines Web 2.0 integration with features like audio and video conferencing, as well as desktop sharing abilities.  It has more to offer in its resolution than the offerings of the more well knows names including Citrix GoToMeeting, retailing at $49, which does not support either audio or video conferencing; or WebEx MeetMeNow from Cisco, available for $39, which is still not able to support the Mac Operating System.

As a result of it being web browser based, it sports a platform that is independent.  3 versions are available to consumers: the first is Free, which makes provision that is adequate for 20 individuals to attend a meeting; Pro, which can support 50 individuals to attend a meeting and further allows for your meetings to be custom branded, accounts in the form of reporting, mashable API for incorporation purposes; and, finally, Webinar, which supports 100 individuals looking to attend a meeting, and makes provisions for Events with up to a thousand individuals.

Dimdim definitely lifts the bar for the capabilities for Web conferences, and further combines a very user friendly aspect without sacrificing any of the necessary features.  On top of all of this, it is also a very competitively priced product: the Pro edition retails at just $25 monthly, and the Webinar edition costs a little more, and provides a little more, at $75 each month.  If you compare these prices to those of GoToMeeting, starting at $49 monthly and allowing for only 15 individuals to attend, and WebEx from Cisco, priced similarly for just 25 attendants, the value for money offered by Dimdim becomes more apparent.

You are able to try Dimdim out before you decide whether or not to buy, with a free 30 day trial being offered, and you are not forced to part with any credit card data in order to make use of it.  GoToMeeting should take note of this: demanding users to input credit card data in order for them to gain access to free trails may be becoming a standard operation, but it is still a very irritating one.

Dimdim will also pay users who make referrals to the service it offers, sometimes as much as $120.  This is done by means of a cleverly titled program that benefits users, Dim$um, and each new user also receives credit to the amount of $25 when they register for the paid edition of the product, an action that would possibly be seen as gimmicky if this company did not step up and provide the good service that it does.

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